What should female tourists wear in Egypt

Rules of etiquette in Egypt: This is what vacationers should pay attention to

Wonderful beaches, blue sea and generous all-inclusive offers make Egypt a popular vacation spot. In this environment, most tourists do not worry about wrongdoing. But what is considered to be a completely normal practice in the home country could not go down well in the Arab country and even lead to arrest. There is a risk of a fine and, in the worst case, imprisonment.

British arrested for sexual harassment in Egypt

A British father had to find out recently. Tony C. from Sutton is said to have only patted a security guard at the airport after he had patted him during the security check. Thereupon he was arrested by the Egyptian police for "sexual harassment", reports the British daily "Daily Mail".

He was in jail for several days - but is now free again after paying the equivalent of around 1,200 euros bail and is back in Great Britain. The family reports on a Facebook page.

A kiss can result in a fine in Egypt

There are several behaviors in Egypt that are not welcomed or even punishable. Public expressions of love, for example, are not welcomed in the country; kissing a partner or a tender hug could result in a fine.

Kissing the opposite sex on the cheek is also frowned upon. In the opinion of the Egyptians, women are only allowed to greet them with a brief nod or a slight smile, as the advice page "Fine-Info" writes.

Even if homosexual acts are not explicitly a criminal offense, homosexuality can be punished if it is openly shown, writes the Foreign Office.

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Alcohol is banned in public in Egypt

In addition, vacationers should not drink alcohol on the street - this is forbidden in Egypt. However, there is no general ban on alcohol. In the event of a violation, travelers can expect a fine or prison sentence.

Vacationers shouldn't wear tight or sexy clothing

Clothing also plays a major role in the Muslim country. Male and female tourists should wear wide, long trousers, but refrain from wearing transparent or sexy clothes. Accordingly, muscle shirts for men and tops with deep necklines are a no-go for women.

Topless sunbathing or nudist bathing are prohibited in Egypt

The rules of conduct for the beach are even stricter. Even if the hotels seem west-oriented, sunbathing topless on the beach and especially nudist bathing are taboo. Anyone who violates this must expect a fine or imprisonment.

Be careful when taking photos or filming in Egypt

Particular care should be taken when taking photos and making critical comments on social media. Snapping beautiful holiday memories is allowed as normal, but if locals are photographed, their consent is required beforehand.

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Vehicles and personnel of the military and the police may not be photographed or filmed at all without permission. In the event of a violation, the camera may be confiscated and arrested. Drones are not allowed into the country without special permission from the Egyptian authorities.

Tourists should refrain from making critical comments

The same applies to political comments and critical statements about Egypt on Facebook, Instagram and Co. "Be aware of your behavior and your statements in public and on social media," writes the Foreign Office. Such statements could be interpreted as insulting and defaming Egypt or as "spreading false rumors".

Advice from hotels and tour operators should be observed.