Is Brunei bigger than Singapore

Brunei is a predominantly Muslim country.

Appropriate clothing for women should be a matter of course. Islam stipulates that women outside the home are only allowed to bare their faces, hands and feet, which many young Malay women adhere to. Often they wear the tudung that makes them look like nuns, which are the result of increasingly strict Islam.

For female visitors, this means that you always wear a bra under your shoulder-covering T-shirt or blouse. Bathing topless is generally taboo, as is very tight shorts and skirts.

Don't let anyone “lose face”, that means don't yell at anyone, don't embarrass them, you shouldn't embarrass anyone. You flatter, praise and distribute compliments.

A clear one "No" is often avoided in Asia because it looks too clumsy and undiplomatic. The other way around is a "Yes" not necessarily an expression of consent, but often simply means: "I understand".

Respect people who are older than you, especially if theirs socialposition is equal to or higher. Children are used in all three ethnic groups

and adolescents expects respect for parents and other elderly relatives.

Never you should point your index finger on peopledemonstrate: Either you make a fist and point your thumb in the direction or with your whole hand. If you want to wave people over, you do so with the palm down.

Indians and Malays eat with their right hand, never their left. The left hand is used to clean the toilet.


Further behavioral tips can be found in the gibberish word for word Malay and / or in the Malaysia travel guide.