What's the strangest traffic accident you've seen

Most accidents happen at home

The most common accidents in the home happen due to:

  1. Fall
  2. Cuts
  3. Burns
  4. Poisoning and electric shock
  5. Fire

The most dangerous place in the household is the kitchen. Women suffer most accidents while cooking and cleaning up. Men, on the other hand, usually get their injuries while doing home improvement or furniture. One thing is certain: the dangers in the household are far underestimated. The house is a familiar place where e.g. B. hurriedly descended the cellar stairs or the first wobbly piece of furniture as a "climbing aid" is used to change the lightbulb. A particularly large number of accidents occur with sharp tools such as kitchen knives and carpet knives and on uneven, slippery floors.

Causes of accidents

Falls as a cause of accidents

Falls are the leading cause of fatal household accidents.

Everyone knows the situation of bumping a toe on corners or edges. The pain is great and usually lasts for several days - you could say luck in unhappiness because it could have been worse. Falls in the household are one of the most common causes of accidents. You can quickly stumble over things lying around or slip on the smooth tiled floor. You should also avoid daring constructions to get to inaccessible places - it's better to get the ladder out of the basement or storage room. That means: always use fixed ladders, ensure good lighting and consistently remove dangerous tripping hazards in the house or apartment. In addition, you should not climb stairs with slippery slippers, but should take the time to put on sturdy shoes in such cases.

Pointed and sharp objects as the cause of the accident

Regardless of whether you are preparing food, doing handicrafts, handicrafts or gardening - if pointed and sharp tools are in use, full concentration is required. You slipped quickly and cut or stab wounds are the result. Blunt knives or scissors in particular are often underestimated. However, these are far more dangerous than sharp objects - so be careful and check your tools regularly.

Energy and fire as causes of accidents

Do not take your eyes off the stove while cooking, because hot steam, boiling water or even fat can spill over if you hectically move away and cause severe burns. Try to be distracted as little as possible to reduce the risk of such causes of accidents. It is better to disconnect electrical appliances that have been switched off, such as toasters and hair dryers, from the power supply after use. Because in rare cases, for example, increased air humidity in the room can cause short circuits in devices that are still warm and result in fires.

Chemicals as the cause of accidents

Various cleaning, washing and cleaning agents contain dangerous acids, alkalis, tensides or chlorine compounds. Since these substances are often irritating to corrosive to the skin, mucous membranes and eyes, gloves should be worn and a good supply of fresh air should be ensured when cleaning.

You should also use them carefully when renovating with special paints and varnishes and carefully read the instructions for use and warnings on the packaging beforehand. Solvents such as turpentine or nitro thinner can lead to headaches, dizziness and nausea if there is no or insufficient supply of fresh air.

Only use the original containers for pesticides and pesticides and avoid pouring the liquids into empty beverage bottles or similar containers - this can quickly lead to confusion with devastating consequences.

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Calm and safety-conscious behavior protects against accidents

Most accidents happen because things are done in a rush or because you don't focus on what's important. Take your time, because proper planning and structured preparation can avoid fatal consequences and accidents.

Checklist: accident prevention in the household

You can protect yourself and others from various dangers through the correct handling of products (e.g. grill lighters), the knowledge and the correct application of the basic rules for operation (e.g. of a lawnmower).

You should pay attention to the following things in your household to prevent accidents:

  • Install safety technology, e.g. residual current circuit breaker!
  • Use personal protective equipment, e.g. helmets!
  • Pay attention to the test marks when purchasing products (CE mark and GS mark)!
  • Read the instructions for use carefully!
  • Wear proper work clothes, e.g. sturdy shoes when mowing the lawn!
  • Always use the nearest socket, e.g. to plug in your vacuum cleaner - this will avoid dangerous tripping hazards!
  • If you are tired or find it difficult to concentrate, postpone cleaning or activities in the kitchen - many accidents do not even happen if you concentrate on what you are doing!
  • Devices that cannot or do not want to be continuously disconnected from the mains (e.g. a television with a socket behind the wall unit) should be connected to a toggle switch using a power strip
  • Devices that warm up during operation damage the build-up of heat. Therefore, toasters, for example, should not be placed directly under a cupboard. Tumble dryers are better positioned so that heat can escape!
  • Leave the repair of old devices and the installation of new ones to specialists!
  • Always pull out the power plug before cleaning an electrical device!

Risk prevention for the pitfalls of everyday life

If something happens despite all the precautionary measures, it is important to keep calm and to call for help quickly. A first-aid kit should be available in every household - always up-to-date, of course. Correct risk management for the accident area is also important. The statutory accident insurance essentially only covers the costs of accidents that occur at the workplace, the training facility or on the direct way there and back. That is why private accident insurance is more than recommendable coverage for accidents in the household and during leisure activities.

The DFV-UnfallSchutz: Optimal protection for an emergency

With the DFV accident protection you are also fully protected in the event of accidents in the household. The most powerful accident insurance on the German market includes immediate and disability benefits, among other things. also hospital daily allowance, convalescence allowance and rooming-in benefits. But that's not all! As the first accident insurance in Germany, DFV-UnfallSchutz offers the possibility to increase the insurance coverage depending on the situation and to insure family or friends temporarily. This means that you are completely covered not only in the household, but also on adventurous excursions.

In addition to serious illnesses, accidents are the main cause of the need for care among young people. Therefore, in addition to private accident insurance, you should always think about coverage for long-term care. With DFV-DeutschlandPflege you can take optimal precautions.