Can a chiropractor help with hip pain

One of the most common causes of hip pain results from a pelvic obliquity.
More than seventy percent of all people, of all ages, have at least a slight pelvic tilt.
Chiropractic / osteopathy can help you quickly and in the long term with the causes of acute pain.
We would be happy to discuss your problem in more detail during an investigation and find a way to help you.

Pelvic inclination - a reason for hip pain.

If there is a pelvic inclination as a malalignment, this affects the entire skeletal structure:
Displacements of vertebrae and curvatures of the spinal column, restricted functionality of pinched nerves and disc bruises, unilateral disc wear and tear as well as muscle tension are the resulting consequences.
Changes in the foot and knee joints or the lower jaw and their position are also responsible for pelvic inclinations. Pelvic inclinations cause hip pain, but also complaints such as intervertebral disc problems, back, knee, heel and headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, visual disturbances and, quite often, increased blood pressure.

The causes of hip pain can include many factors, such as tension in the buttocks or back muscles due to dislocations or one-sided loads due to a pelvic inclination. Anatomically caused pelvic inclinations can be caused by a genetic predisposition, but also by prostheses, accidents or operations. These can also occur due to leg length differences of 5 millimeters.

Symptoms of hip pain
Hip pain is fairly often described as pulling, piercing, and dull piercing, stabbing, or burning. Hip pain can only occur in the hip area, but can also extend to the groin, thigh, or knee and buttocks. Hip pain is quite common on the outside of the pelvis, but hip pain is also possible in the hip joint. Hip pain is most severe in the morning for many patients and improves with exercise or heat (the hip joint is stiffest in the morning). However, hip pain can only occur during exercise or movement, but some patients also complain of hip pain that occurs even at rest.