What does standstill mean in boxing

Corona standstill used: Boxing department with a new ring bell and its own sound system

The boxing department was able to use the corona-related training-free time to advance some infrastructure projects that had been on the to-do list for a long time, but all too often fell by the wayside in everyday business between training and competition.

New ring bell

On the one hand, it was time to replace the old, somewhat undersized and therefore weak-chested ring bell, which in the turmoil of the ring battles could not really create the authority that the ring bell of an adult club deserves. One can assume that the new one will be able to unequivocally enforce the end of the round and the competition regulations that apply in the case of dramatic fights in the higher weight classes.

Own sound system

On the other hand, the boxing department was completed with its own sound system. The small mixing console that has been purchased, as well as several microphones and a few meters of microphone and loudspeaker cables make the boxing department in connection with the already existing active boxes at smaller boxing events and parties self-sufficient from other borrowed event technology and also helps save money. Everything is safely stored in a specially manufactured flight case.

The sponsors of the boxing department of FC St. Pauli: