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Suddenly this image comes to mind: chocolate cake. Crisps. French fries with mayonnaise. Paired with the thought: want to have it! Right now! This desire for empty, unhealthy carbohydrates in sweets and the like can hardly be stopped!

This phenomenon is called cravings and we have all succumbed to it. The feeling of suddenly being extremely hungry or having an indescribably great desire to eat is terrible. The reason for such cravings is often a slight hypoglycaemia in the body, which leads to cravings. But there are strategies against it, for prevention and for acute attacks.

Causes of cravings for sweets

Cravings indicate hypoglycaemia in the body. This occurs when, for example, you consume many products with sugar and sweeteners. With sugar intake, insulin production is stimulated. Immediately increased insulin is released. This causes the blood sugar level to drop below its normal level. That's why light products should be an absolute no-go. Because they cause food cravings! However, there can also be physical or emotional causes behind the attacks.

Physical causes: If you eat too little or irregularly during the day and therefore eat too few calories, it is not surprising that a feeling of hunger arises. Often this happens at inappropriate times, such as at night. If you haven't drunk enough, it can happen as well. Flavor enhancers in finished products temporarily simulate a feeling of fullness in the body. But that disappears again after a certain time.

Women who are in the second phase of their cycle are very likely to suffer from binge eating. Many are very irritable during this time and often crave something sweet. The empty feeling in the stomach and the desire for something sweet can also come about due to a lack of nutrients. The cravings for chocolate, for example, can partly be explained by a zinc deficiency. Therefore, you should pay attention to your zinc balance. When this is balanced, you feel less hungry for chocolate. By the way: oysters contain a lot of zinc. You can get your zinc balance back in order with just one oyster.

A basic rule: regular meals are important - those who eat regularly and sufficiently have less to contend with cravings. Not only the body but also the brain needs sufficient nutrition, i.e. energy, in order to perform well. If you are hungry in between, you can, for example, eat a few nuts or some fruit and vegetables.

Mental causes: If you go on a diet or have to avoid certain foods for health reasons, your feeling of hunger naturally increases. Many people eat out of frustration. Once this has been trained, you will fall for sweets again and again in stressful situations. After all, it is not a rumor that chocolate makes you happy. Smells and impressive advertising posters increase your imagination immeasurably, and you suddenly feel like eating this good-smelling or visually appealing dish.

Eating attacks can be avoided through a balanced diet. If you have a lot of food cravings and vomit every now and then, these could be signs of pregnancy or diabetes. But eating disorders can also be a result. If these signs occur, you should consult a doctor.

Cravings for chocolate

Do you have an appetite for chocolate and Co.? Sometimes the body just craves a quick burst of energy - but sometimes the cravings for chocolate are caused by a magnesium deficiency. This can be satisfied with chocolate, because cocoa contains a lot of magnesium, namely 495 mg / 100 g. Only wheat bran contains more at 590 mg / 100 g. Theoretically, cravings can be eliminated in this way if there is actually a deficiency symptom. The problem here is the high sugar and fat content, which causes the insulin level to skyrocket and drop again just as quickly - chocolate and the like are known to make you fat. Sweets as snacks are therefore extremely unsuitable, because the next food cravings are inevitable.