What does a helicopter cost

Rent a helicopter: plan business trips precisely

Helicopters are the ideal means of transport to cover short flights or to reach destinations that do not have an airport in the immediate vicinity. Helicopters only need a small, free area for precise landings. Where and how can a helicopter be rented? And which models are available? We give you the overview.

Business travelers, entrepreneurs, important personalities from politics, business and society as well as private individuals appreciate the advantages of a charter flight by helicopter. Renting a helicopter is particularly useful for shorter distances of up to 150 kilometers. The maximum range of the machines is between 600 and 850 kilometers - this roughly corresponds to a flight within Germany. The flights with the rotorcraft can be organized flexibly and quickly, are comparatively cheap and, in contrast to private jets, which always need an airport or at least a runway, can be carried out from many areas. Helicopter flights from point to point are possible - only a 30 by 30 meter landing area is required, for example in an industrial area, on company premises or on a soccer field - Aviation Broker will obtain the landing permit for you.

Rent a helicopter: many purposes and occasions

For a variety of occasions, Aviation Broker not only offers many private jet models, but also helicopters. For example, companies can use a helicopter instead of a private jet for shorter business flights and often benefit from the high flexibility and time savings compared to car journeys, train journeys and also, for example, domestic German scheduled flights, where often only a limited business class is available. In addition, entrepreneurs and companies can rent helicopters for special occasions such as company events or incentives. For private individuals, vacation flights with a helicopter are a relaxed way of traveling. So many short-range destinations can be reached for a short vacation with your own jet and feeder flights to the airport are also conceivable - from there you can take a private plane to all possible destinations worldwide. The reverse is of course also possible: Many travelers rent a helicopter flight from the airport to the hotel.

In addition to these purposes and occasions, helicopters can also be rented for sightseeing flights. And another common area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is ambulance flights to transport seriously ill people over shorter distances. An ambulance jet can be used here on longer flight routes.

Which helicopter models are available?

Numerous models can be rented from Aviation Broker for the various purposes of a helicopter. A basic distinction is made between 1-engine and 2-engine helicopters. Depending on the model, the helicopter flights are carried out by one or two pilots and can transport between two and 12 people up to 800 kilometers. The most important models include the Bell Helicopter 206B JetRanger, the Bell Helicopter 206L LongRanger, the Bell Helicopter Bell 407, the Eurocopter models Dauphin AS 365N3, the EC120, the EC145 and the smaller Robinson R22 and R44. Aviation Broker will suggest the right model for your trip to suit your personal preferences so that you can rent the right helicopter for every occasion.

Basically, for all helicopter flights over open water or at night, a twin-engine machine must be used according to the regulations. In addition, flights by helicopter are always dependent on the weather, as helicopters are flown on sight and are designed for stable weather conditions.

Overview: costs for renting a helicopter

  • single-engine helicopters: 18-18 euros per flight minute
  • twin-engine helicopters: around 40 euros per flight minute

Rent a helicopter with a pilot: costs are calculable

At Aviation Broker you can rent helicopters spontaneously, flexibly and at the best possible price. The price varies between the different models and areas of application. Renting a helicopter with a pilot costs between 15 and 18 euros per flight minute for single-engine machines. These machines are usually designed for up to five passengers. Twin-engine helicopters cost around 40 euros per minute and can take up to 12 passengers on board. Depending on the travel destination, Aviation Broker has the right helicopter and of course business jets ready for you for every occasion and every purpose.