What are some internships for chemical engineers

Information on implementation:

The internship is carried out in groups of two. Each group works on four attempts on four afternoons in the second half of the winter semester

Internship dates: 11/13/18/20/25/27/01/2021 and 01/03/08/10/02/2021 (15/17/02/2021)


Each group will attend four of these days. It is up to our organization which of these will be.

It is possible to specify Monday or Wednesday as a preference.

By registering for the internship, you confirm that you will be available on these dates.

The face-to-face and online part with which it is carried out will be announced later in ILIAS.


Objectives of the internship:

  • Getting to know physico-chemical methods for the identification and characterization of substances and processes,
  • In-depth practical and theoretical study of the scientific problem dealt with in the test specification.


We have planned January 7th, 2021 for the online preliminary meeting. To do this, you have to become a member of an MS team.

Team name: IPC_CIW-Praktikum_2021, link to join:



In order to receive all information about the internship, you have to register for the ILIAS course:



Without the three registrations (here on this website, ILIAS, MS Teams) you will not have access to the internship.

In order to have the credit points credited, you must also register in the CAS system!