Is it disgusting to eat exotic meat?

10 curious delicacies from all over the world

The various dishes testing abroad is a absolute must for every traveler. Unknown spices, crazye creations or exotic animals are on the in many countries Menu. We present you ten curious delicacies from all over the world that you have to dare to try!

Delicacies from around the world - Fermented Greenland Shark, Iceland

One of the foul smelling and tasty dishes that you can get in Europe. "Hákarl" is an Icelandic specialty and will because of the after ammonia tasting meat of the Greenland sharks Not even touched by locals. For tourists, the meat is one Test of couragewho have overcome a lot and one hardness-tested stomach demands.

The meat is cut into large pieces and after squeezing out the inedible substances for 4 - 5 months in a drying chamber hung to let the ammonia evaporate. After that, will the meat that smells of cheese cut into cubes and served with toothpicks as a snack. Can you imagine curious delicacies from all over the world that sound even less tasty?

And how does the Icelandic specialty taste? “I have paid for all my sins”, “The meat reminds me of changing my daughter's diapers”, “Bah! Bah! ".

And here you can test the rotten fish:

  • Islenski Barinn
  • Address: Pósthússtræti 9, 101 Reykjavik
  • Opening hours: On weekends until 3 a.m.

Snake meat - a specialty in Vietnam

Asians believe in some strengthening effect of animal products. So it's not an uncommon one dog or to eat a bull penis to your own To strengthen potency or eternal happiness to lease. In Vietnam one is of the positive impact of Snake meat convinced. Only restaurants specializing in queues offer harmless snakes up to highly poisonous Cobras at. That sounds like really delicious delicacies from all over the world, doesn't it?

After you have chosen a snake (still alive) the neck of the animal is cut open in front of your eyes and the first one Bile removed. The greenish liquid is offered to you in a glass of schnapps. The dangerous degradation materials should be rendered harmless. After that, the snake gets in all individual parts dismantled and served to you as a menu. "No Name" snakes already exist from € 20 - € 30, one King Cobra costs a small fortune. However, you will rarely find locals due to the prices.

And how does snake meat taste? "Like chicken, you always want to taste more once", "I wouldn't do that again, my guilty conscience still haunts me today!"

In Le Mat - a district of Hanoi - there is in the so-called "Snake Village" several restaurants of the same kind. Here you get one queues were offered every cornerthat don't wait to be eaten, but while you're there …….

A different kind of surprise egg, Philippines

On the Asian island, the locals eat her Breakfast egg a little different than we are used to. Instead of a yolk yellow interior there is on the Philippines a crispy extra that Fetus of a chicken. "Balut" is the name of the specialty that is just as popular as the hot dog in New York. The eggs are - as required - two to three weeks in the Incubator placed to encourage the normal process of development.

If done correctly, there is one with the egg Chicken bills and feet of an unborn animal included. A true one Protein bomb and incredibly popular. Optionally served with salt, pepper, chilli or vinegar. Curious delicacies like these are really something to wean off.

There are fried tarantulas in Cambodia

People with Arachnophobia will love this delicacy. Because the Tarantulas that you in Cambodia gets are already fried and wait for your consumption. Don't worry, the big ones Fangs are already before the exotic enjoyment by the brave hunters of the animals away.

Crunchy and tastes like chicken you get the brown spiders mainly in Skuon. The saleswoman doused the snacks with oil several times to ensure freshness. You can join us for a few cents..

That stinks to high heaven, tofu from Taiwan

So that too vegetarian Get the money between us, I introduce you to a slightly different type of tofu in front. In Taiwan, the soy product becomes one for several months Fermentation process (why actually?) and then served - mostly fried. You can find the popular snack at Street markets in the cities.

In other Asian countries, too, it is common practice to consume tofu in this way. The product smells so badthat nobody would think of making something like this at home. After all, we didn't claim that delicacies from all over the world look or smell good!

If the animal is still alive, South Korea

Not for the faint of heart is the next dish. In times like these it's nothing exceptional seafood in the most diverse variations and forms and at every end of the world. But in Korea have subtle cooks something special thought up to attract attention. Sannakji is the specialty par excellence South Korea. Baby octopuses are sold alive at street markets and prepared in a nearby restaurant.

The animals are doused with sesame oil not killed in the processuntil they find their way into the eater's mouth. A fight begins there between the roof of the mouth and tonguewhile the baby tentacles do their best to survive. Mostly in vain. The baby tentacles are there on Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul. The restaurants in the area prepare the cruel ones for youDelicacies to..

When the neighbor is annoying again - Fugu, Japan

Already from Tetrodotoxin belongs? One of the strongest neurotoxins that exist in the world is hidden behind the name, as if we would brush our teeth with it every day. A minimal dose is sufficient around that To paralyze body nervesIf fully conscious, there is danger acute suffocation. And where is the poison, for example?

Exactly, in one Japanese delicacy, the puffer fish. The fish achieved fame not because of its taste, but because of the deaths it had to date. Only chefs with one years of training are allowed to prepare the fish, because only they know which pieces are edible and which are fatal. So keep your eyes peeled when you eat puffer fish. After all, it is one of the deadliest delicacies from all over the world!

  • Usuki Fugu Yamadaya
  • Address: 4-44-14 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Web: (unfortunately only in Japanese).

The smelly fruit from Malaysia

Enjoy the prickly, head-sized fruit Unfortunately I have already come. In Malaysia and Thailand the "Durian" is Fruit almost revered, and tastings of various kinds are not uncommon. Europeans respond to two different ways to the taste of the cheese-like fruit: Hui or ugh. Alone the smell is too much for most of the good, the durian smells like something old cheese and sweaty feet.

In the said countries you can get the durian on every corner, only in Means of transport is it - due to the penetrating smell - forbidden..

Everything in Haggis, Scotland

I would like to ignore here whether the British have a good or bad kitchen. The Scottish national dish, haggis is essential, however tastier than his reputation. Yes, cram all of an animal's innards into its stomach and then let it boil for three hours not particularly resourceful be but the end product tastes great and can be compared to a blood sausage.

Whether in a restaurant or fried at the fish and chip shop around the corner, Haggis is a fine thing! At least for all those who are open to delicacies from all over the world !.

In Sardinia they prefer to eat their cheese with maggots, Italy

What, according to the islanders, you should definitely not miss when you are on a trip in Sardinia is the "Formaggio Marcio". In Italian, this changes with the German translation "Rotten cheese". The cheese made from sheep's milk is in the process of maturation living larvae inserted around a Fermentation to start.

This will make the Casu Marzu - so the official name - partially decomposed and the result is a unique aroma. Can be eaten with or without maggots. 😉.

Hunger? Which of these delicacies from around the world would you voluntarily try?