Open marriages are legal

Love has many faces. There is love at first sight, platonic love, an open relationship or people who are unhappily in love because it may be a one-sided love. Then there are those monogamy, an exclusive and lifelong relationship between two people. In comparison, the Polyamory which means nothing more than "much love". But it doesn't stop there. Also the polygamy falls under the category of love and relationship concepts. We will now reveal what is really hidden behind this term.

Polygamy: what is it?

What is polygamy anyway? For that we break the word down first. bigamy is when someone is married and marries a second time despite the existing marriage. So it is a double marriage.

Poly comes from the Greek and means something like "more" or "a lot". So with polygamy it is the so-called "Plural marriage" or "plural marriage". So it denotes marriage with several people.

Polygamy: There are other categories

Polygamy can then be turned into again further categories subdivide.

  • Polygyny: A man's relationship with multiple wives (polygamy)
  • Polyandry: The relationship of a woman to several husbands (polygamy)
  • Polygynandry: Several men and several women are married to each other (group marriage)

How did polygamy come about?

A correct origin of polygamy or plural marriage is not known. However, it was mainly polygyny widespread in pre-Christian times. At that time there was even the term "buy marriage" because one man could buy several women. With the introduction of Christianity, polygyny was banned and later even became a criminal offense.

Polygamy: is it allowed in Germany?

In Germany there is polygamy as well as bigamy prohibited according to § 1306 BGB and § 172 StGB. Anyone who has a double or multiple marriage can use a Imprisonment for up to three years or one Fine be punished according to §172 StGB.

It gets trickier, however, if you have entered into several marriages in a country where polygamy is allowed and then move to Germany. It must be noted here whether an international marriage is recognized in Germany or not and what general current marriage laws are like.

In which countries is polygamy allowed?

Polygamy is in more than 40 countries among others in Africa, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, Philippines or Indonesia allowed.

Especially in Islam it is not alien to be polygamous or to enter into polygamy. According to the Koran, Muslim men are allowed up to four wives to have. Women, on the other hand, are not allowed to have multiple husbands. Nevertheless, this does not mean that polygamy is preferred or implemented in every Muslim country or by every Muslim man.

What is the difference between polyamory and polygamy?

If you are not familiar with the different relationship concepts, it can quickly happen that Just listen to polyamory and polygamy alike. However, there is a significant difference between polyamorous and polygamous relationship concepts. While the latter is only polygamy when several marriages are entered into, polyamory translates as "much love".

A polyamorous relationship is similar to monogamy Love, sex and tenderness important factors. The difference: there are several people and sexual partners without being married, involved in this love affair and know each other. Jealousy or infidelity is therefore rather a rarity with such relationship concepts. However, not everyone involved has to have several partners. As an an example: A man who is monogamous may be with a woman or a man who is in a polyamorous relationship.

Polygamy: the disadvantages of plural marriage

Even if polygamy is not a problem for those involved, there can be some disadvantages with such relationship concepts. Especially when children or other family members are affected:

  • Fear of loss
  • Neglect as multiple people are involved
  • School or development problems in children
  • Sole childcare at Polygnie if the man has no time
  • Can be used for abuse
  • More responsibility that cannot always be fulfilled
  • Risk of multiple divorces and the stress associated with them


In general, it can be said that with all global relationship concepts, regardless of whether a monogamous, polygamous or polyamorous partnership, always mutual respect, reliability and trust come first should stand. Everyone should decide for themselves which situation is best for them, be able to communicate openly and honestly and know whether everyone involved is satisfied with it. In addition, you should make yourself smart about the rules and laws in the respective country so that no marriage laws are broken and you do not make yourself liable to prosecution.

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