What was your worst stalking experience

Stalking: Users talk about their experiences

Nocturnal calls, years of e-mail messages or physical re-enactment at work and on the way home: stalking takes different forms and intensities. According to an EU-wide study, every fifth woman is affected at least once in her life. A study by the University of Vienna also comes to the conclusion that 86 percent of those affected are women and 81 percent of the perpetrators are men.

In many cases, victims feel helpless, not taken seriously or even ashamed to talk about their situation. The guilt is often sought in one's own behavior. Seeking support and help or even calling the police, that happens far too seldom.

Voices from the forum

In the STANDARD forum, those affected share their personal experiences on the topic. User "Induhvidual" is shocked by the inadequate protection of the victims and reports on her own experiences:

User "Meine zei kopeken" reports in detail about her experiences with a stalker:

User "head or number" also shows what far-reaching consequences stalking can have:

Law and the police

The "Antistalking Act" has been in force in Austria since July 1, 2006. But the willingness to report has been decreasing since then. For many of those affected, bad experiences with the authorities, in addition to fear of further consequences in the form of even more violence by the stalker, are often a reason to refrain from filing a complaint.

A user of "ardent Europeans" who works as a police officer sees the problems in the law itself:

Have you had similar experiences?

How did you react in the situation? Did you contact the police? What has helped you and what advice would you give to those affected? (mawa, February 25, 2019)