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Who is the Trump family?

For Donald Trump, politics is a family matter. The US president relies on the perfect staging in the election campaign. All Trumps have to go along with this - whether they want to or not.

Washington - From politics to business - everything stays in the family with the Trumps. Donald Trump likes to recruit his advisors in close proximity. It is said that the US president is chronically suspicious and prefers to surround himself with family members whom he trusts more than people who are not called Trump. For example, when he took office in 2017, he made his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner advisors in the White House and entrusted his son-in-law with mammoth political tasks such as peace in the Middle East.

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Donald Trump also relies on the support of his family in the election campaign. Nowhere else does the private life of a politician play such an important role as in the United States. At the Republican nomination convention, First Lady Melania Trump and all five adult children of the US President also spoke. The Democrats did a similar thing on their nomination show.

Who is Donald Trump's family?

Melania Trump: By far the most popular member of the Trump family is called Melania. While her husband's approval ratings are chronically low, Melania is a reasonably popular first lady. This is also because the 50-year-old cleverly distanced herself from her husband's hit-and-miss political style. Melania, the former model, holds back with her own initiatives and thus offers the perfect projection surface: Does she not agree with many of her husband's controversial decisions? Does she even stand up to him behind the scenes?

Melania and Donald Trump have been married since 2005. She is his third wife, the mother of his youngest son, Barron. She is said to have been happy with her privileged life in New York and anything but enthusiastic about her husband's presidential candidacy. On election night, at least that's what Michael Wolff's book “Fire and Fury” says, Melania is said to have cried - not with joy. Her predecessor Michelle Obama occasionally appeared on talk shows, talked about her daughters and the dogs. Melania Trump reveals less about herself and her family.

The First Lady's heart project is the “Be Best” initiative that she launched and which is directed against cyber-bullying, i.e. against bullying on social media. Remarkable, after all, her husband hits out against his opponents practically every day via Twitter.

Only once did Melania Trump publicly oppose her husband's policies: in 2018, when the Trump administration separated migrant children from their parents on the border with Mexico. “It was heartbreaking. And I responded with my own voice, ”said the first lady in one of her rare interviews to an ABC reporter. “I let him know. (...) I told him at home. And I told him I felt that was unacceptable. ”Trump ended the controversial practice.

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Melania is considered the Sphinx from the White House - hardly anyone knows what she's really thinking. But political observers suspect that the Slovenian-born woman has a very specific role in Trump's circle: She softens her husband's unpolished communication style, making him eligible for people who are bothered by his brutal demeanor. The country is currently being shaken by the corona pandemic. No state has more deaths to complain about. Donald Trump downplays the danger of the virus. At the Republican nomination convention in August, it was Melania Trump's turn to show sympathy for the broken country.

"Donald is a husband who supports me in everything I do" - Melania's speech did not make it any more personal. There are many rumors surrounding the Trump marriage. There are countless videos on YouTube that show how she withdraws her hand when he tries to reach for it. Not exactly what you imagine a happy couple to be.

Donald Trump Jr. The eldest son and namesake of the president is preparing to take on his political inheritance. None of the Trump children is more present in the Republican election campaign than Don Junior. The son of Donald and his first wife Ivana is a regular guest on the conservative television channel Fox News, is as active on Twitter as his father and also spoke at the nomination party conference in August.

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Trump junior is the man for the rough: The 42-year-old likes to fuel wild speculations about the state of mind of the Democratic challenger Joe Biden - for example, he shared tweets from users who claim that Biden uses a teleprompter for his answers during interviews. In addition, Trump Jr. the book "Liberal Privilege", which lists the alleged misdeeds Biden is said to have committed in his decades in Washington. Biden's spokesman said the alleged disclosure book was full of "disgusting lies and slander."

Don junior himself played with marked cards in his father's first election campaign in 2016: Together with his brother-in-law Jared Kushner, he met a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower who had apparently promised them compromising information about the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Don junior officially runs the Trump family empire together with his brother, but he seems to be leaving Eric more and more of the operational side. Actually, his sister Ivanka has long been considered the young Trump with political ambitions, but it seems that Don junior is slowly but surely taking over the role of his father's political heir. With die-hard Trump voters, Don, who likes to be photographed in his shirt-sleeved hunting or fishing, is better received than Ivanka, the New York society lady who believes the Republican party base is almost half a Democrat.

With former Fox News commentator Kimberly Guilfoyle, Don Jr. - divorced father of five - a woman at his side who should support his political ambitions. At the Republican nomination convention, Guilfoyle put her very own accent: Her mostly screamed speech ended with the words “The best! Is yet! To come! ”To many Americans, that sounded more like a threat.

Ivanka Trump: "Daddy's Girl" - Ivanka is the undisputed star of the family. In a Father's Day video a few months ago, Donald Jr. asked his father, “Who is your favorite child? And why is it Ivanka? ”It was supposed to be a joke, but it pretty much describes the sibling hierarchy. The 38-year-old Ivanka is the "golden child" as it is called in America. Trump even got carried away to remark that if she wasn't his daughter, he would go out with Ivanka. As soon as Donald Trump was sitting in the White House, he appointed his eldest daughter and her husband Jared Kushner as advisors - unmoved by the fact that critics accused him of nepotism.

What did Ivanka achieve in her prominent position? Little. For example, the video from 2019 that shows the president's daughter desperately trying to tie in with a conversation between Christine Lagarde, Theresa May, Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron at the G20 summit in Osaka is a source of shame.

In the first few months of his presidency in particular, many observers believed that Ivanka could wrest some more liberal positions from her father - on climate protection, for example, or the rights of the LGBTQ community. It is now clear: "Trump wants to be Trump". Ivanka apparently no longer even tries to influence her father. At the Republican nomination convention, Ivanka mainly defended her father's brutal style: “My father has strong convictions. He knows what he believes and he says what he thinks. Whether you agree with him or not, you always know where he stands, ”said the“ First Daughter ”. “I understand that my father's communication style is not to everyone's taste, and I know that some of his tweets can feel a bit unfiltered. But the results speak for themselves. "

An open secret is said to be Ivanka's tense relationship with her stepmother Melania in the White House. The Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post author Mary Jordan wrote in her book The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump that Ivanka used the time when Melania was not yet in the White House want to secure a place in the east wing - traditionally the first lady's refuge. One of their suggestions was to rename the "First Lady’s Office" to "First Family’s Office". A video of Melania's facial features derailed as Ivanka took the stage went viral after the nomination convention.

Eric Trump: The second-born Trump son is primarily responsible for the business. Eric is supposed to keep the Trump Organization going. Not an easy job, because the family empire has long since moved into the focus of the investigative authorities. Sometimes it's about unpaid taxes, sometimes the Trumps are said to have given false information about the value of their property in order to get loans.

In the election campaign for his father, Eric Trump plays a minor role. Nevertheless, the 36-year-old gave a speech at the nomination convention: “My father will fight for you,” announced the president's son. Before his father, no one campaigned for the “silent majority” in the country. Eric's wife Lara Trump, who not only produces strictly conservative news programs on the Internet, but also holds a position on Trump's campaign team, also made her appearance at the party conference. The couple have two children.

If you believe Michael Wolff's revelatory book “Fire and Fury”, Donald Trump doesn't like his two eldest sons: The President likes to joke that “the two were probably in the back of the room when God was distributing brains,” an unknown source revealed Author.

Tiffany Trump: From Donald Trump's second marriage to Marla Maples comes the daughter Tiffany Trump, who plays a far less prominent role in the presidential family. Tiffany got her name because her father had concluded a real estate deal with the luxury jeweler of the same name at the same time she was born. The 26-year-old is said not to have the closest relationship with her father, but still appeared with the rest of her siblings at the Republican nomination party conference.

"My father made me believe that America can be truly great again," said Tiffany. The billionaire's daughter's remark that she had just finished her law degree and could "put herself in the shoes of so many of you who might be looking for a job" caused mockery on the Internet.

Barron Trump: Being a teenager in the White House isn't easy - especially not when your father is the least popular US president since Richard Nixon. 14-year-old Barron is the youngest Trump child and the apple of his mother's eye, Melania. For his sake, she is said to have stayed in New York at the beginning of Donald Trump's tenure: The then ten-year-old Barron should not move in the middle of the school year. Mary Jordan's book about the First Lady states that Melania even renegotiated her prenuptial agreement for Barron: "She wanted written evidence that Barron would be on par with Trump's three eldest children in terms of financial opportunities and inheritance."

Not much is known about Barron. Melania is very careful to protect his privacy. Unlike Michelle Obama, she never chats about her family. At the nomination convention, however, Barron didn't look particularly happy. He stood next to his parents with an unmoved expression. Barron has definitely grown tall - he already towers over his father.

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