Why is CNN News lying about Trump

Appearance of frustration in the White House : Trump lied 19 times at his press conference

Trump's press conference on Thursday evening rocked the American public - and it was "the most dishonest speech of his presidency" according to CNN fact checker Daniel Dale. Since 2016, he has seen or read every Trump speech and wrote down thousands of false claims.

"However, I have never heard him lie so thoroughly and outrageously as he did on Thursday evening in the White House," writes Dale in his fact-check on CNN. Some points from the Dales fact check are selected below. In total, Dale comes up with 19 lies, false claims or misleading statements. You can read the detailed Dales fact check here.

"The election is stolen"

The CNN journalist rejects Trump's claim that his opponents are “trying to steal the election” and “trying to distort the election”. This claim is completely baseless and the choice is legitimate. "The election organizers simply count legally cast votes."

"I won the narrow states"

A second allegation related to the contested races in the states to the last. The states of Wisconsin and Michigan have already been won by Biden - albeit very tightly in some cases. In Wisconsin in particular, Biden only has a lead of around 0.6 percentage points. Pennsylvania and Georgia are still open, however, here the count is clearly in Joe Biden's advantage. Trump had initially led in the particularly controversial states in the Rust Belt.

Trump, however, claimed that he had won all of these states - which, in turn, was dismissed as a false claim by Dale. "Having a lead before all the votes are counted is not the same as winning it," writes Dale. He was in trouble at the time of the speech as Pennsylvania and Georgia were counting the postal votes - and his lead was shrinking.

"The postal vote is corrupt"

Dale also refuted Trump's assertion at the press conference that postal voting was a “corrupt system” and that there was a great deal of “corruption and fraud” going on here - a false claim that he has been making for months. "Postal voting fraud is extremely rare." It does happen occasionally, but there is no basis for calling the entire system corrupt.

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"The counting is illegitimate"

Further false statements concerned the legitimacy of the count in four cases. In particular, Trump said that he had won in all key areas and that "our numbers were miraculously reduced," Dale said. "His leadership has shrunk in some states because completely legitimate postal votes were counted."

"The electoral process is controlled by Democrats"

Trump went on to claim that only Democrats are responsible for running the election in those states that are now running out, such as Georgia. That is simply wrong, writes Dale - in Georgia and Nevada the two highest electoral officials are Republicans.

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"Detroit and Philadelphia are politically corrupt and shouldn't make a choice"

Detroit in Michigan and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania - two predominantly Democratic cities in two crucial states. With post-election absentee votes for Biden in these cities, Trump tried to undermine their legitimacy by claiming that these are two of “the most corrupt places in the country. "You cannot be responsible for constructing the result of a presidential election."

Again, Dale dismissed Trump's claim. There is no evidence that these two cities did anything wrong during the election. Here, too, only votes were counted.

Background to the US election:

"The polls were intentionally wrong"

As in 2016, some of the surveys were clearly off the mark. Trump claimed, however, that this was done on purpose in order to achieve “suppression” of his supporters.

Here, too, Dale stated that this was simply wrong. It is true that some of the surveys were clearly off the mark - but there is no indication that this was done on purpose. Rather, the fact that they have miscalculated again is an embarrassment for the survey institutes.

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