What is the Kannan Committee

Voting - A yes committee for the drinking water initiative was founded in Zug

A yes committee for the drinking water initiative was founded in Zug

The committee is broadly based and consists of experts, organic farmers and committed citizens. Together they want to campaign for a yes to the drinking water protection initiative on June 13, 2021.

"Doing business as required by the drinking water initiative is possible and sensible," explains Franz Blaser, who is an organic farmer in the core group. The initiative works with incentives instead of bans: In future, overfertilization, pesticide and prophylactic antibiotic use will no longer be subsidized by the state, according to a corresponding statement. “You can register as a committee member on the website and thus document your stance on the drinking water protection initiative (TWI),” says organic farmer Toni Niederberger, on whose farm the committee for planning the campaign meets.

Furthermore, according to Toni Niederberger, the initiative can be implemented in such a way that organic farming is not affected. With a transition period of eight years, the initiative is anything but extreme: it is an opportunity for future-oriented agriculture and clean drinking water for everyone. For the core group of the Zug Committee, the following is clear: "The urgent need for action caused by pesticides and other pollutants is given, especially because Bundesbern keeps putting everything on the back burner." This can be found in the communication.

An ecological necessity

For years, Parliament has either watered down, delayed or rejected appropriate solutions. The initiative is an ecological necessity: The result of the slow progress is excessive pesticide loads in drinking water, nitrogen surpluses, over-fertilized lakes and damage to biodiversity, despite billions in direct payments from the federal government. "It is high time to close the circle, think sustainably and stop the creeping process," says Simone Bützer, ETH environmental engineer and also a member of 4aqua - the voice of water.

The Zug Committee is convinced that the drinking water initiative is the only way to better protect our drinking water quickly. With the drinking water initiative, the population can finally end the standstill in agricultural policy and protect water and biodiversity. The committee of citizens in the canton of Zug shows that people of very different stripes support the concerns of the TWI.

The core group of the Zug committee includes: Simone Bützer, ETH environmental engineer; Rainer Kistler, former head of the Office for Environmental Protection of the Canton of Zug; Toni Niederberger, organic farmer; Isabelle Reinhart-Engel, pharmacist / member of the Sustainability Commission City of Zug; Franz Blaser, organic farmer; Barbara Urfer Wyss, initiator of the children's and youth circus Grissini; Tabea Estermann, auditor; Michael Felber, President water supply, lawyer; Adrian Moos, lawyer.