Judge men and women by their appearance

Loot scheme: We use these criteria to decide who suits us

When it comes to men, pigeonhole thinking is exceptionally allowed. At least in one case. If we see a man completely unknown to us, we can - without even giving a peep - say in seconds which drawer we are putting him in: the one for potentially interesting men or the one with the label "maximum buddy" .

Sounds superficial, but it isn't. Because our fast check is not just about the appearance of our counterpart. Countless studies have dealt with what exactly goes through our minds within seconds. The result are various criteria, according to which we judge our counterpart: Our prey scheme, which decides whether he belongs to the elitist circle that makes our heart beat faster or not.

7 criteria of our loot scheme

The various criteria by which we judge potential partners are almost the same for all people. At least that is what a study by psychology professor Gregory Webster from the University of Florida says. Accordingly, seven criteria can be determined that make up our prey scheme:

  • His bonding strategy, i.e. how much closeness, how much distance does the other need?
  • His relationship style, so he loves monogamous or polygamous, is he clingy and spends a lot of time with his partner?
  • What is his social status: is he rich, poor, popular, respected?
  • Is he religious or not?
  • What is his lifestyle: is he a smoker, a vegetarian, an athlete?
  • What is its appearance like?
  • Like his personality traits?

How the individual points are weighted, however, according to the study, varies from person to person.

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The quick scan

Of course, all of these criteria cannot be analyzed at a glance within seconds. Still, we think we can see certain things directly. So it is easy to say whether we are looking at a type of womanizer or a shy wallflower, whether our counterpart is well-off or rather a type of poor student. We also think we can read out his character, whether he is open, sweet, self-confident or arrogant. All of this determines our first impression, which we then modify, on closer inspection and getting to know each other, in order to be able to make a real judgment.

If someone falls out of our loot scheme at the first glance, he is out. If it corresponds to our scheme, phase two follows: Now we take a closer look at our potential candidate.

Personality wins

Even in phase two of the check-out, it is not just his beautiful eyes that beguile us. This is borne out by a survey by the polling institute YouGov, for which more than 2,000 people in 20 countries were interviewed. And lo and behold: around the world, personality is the most important thing for people when choosing a partner. Only then does the appearance of the woman follow with the men and with the women (we are simply the better people) the humor of the partner.

A survey by the BBC on the subject of the loot scheme, however, saves the honor of the men. According to the BBC, men want one thing above all else: That the woman is intelligent. In second place, however, is their appearance.

But there are far more things that we - consciously or unconsciously - pay attention to when choosing a partner. Here are some other loot scheme factors:

Money and reputation in times of equality

Many evolutionary psychologists assume that women want a man who could potentially become the father of their children and who can also look after them. Money and social standing in a man therefore contribute to the fact that women see him as a partner for life. Other studies, on the other hand, show a different trend: According to them, money no longer plays a very important role in partner choice due to the now greater equality between men and women in our society.

The male triangle

Of course, the outside is also interesting. Research shows that women like a strong back, muscles and a well-trained stomach. A triangular body shape is particularly popular with women. Also important: a rather deep, distinctive voice. What doesn't go down well: men with a waist.

Interestingly, the woman's cycle influences the choice of partner. Researchers found that women, before and after the fertile phase, prefer men with more feminine facial features. During their fertile days, however, women tend to prefer particularly masculine types. They should have distinctive facial features such as a large nose, a broad chin or a (three-day) beard.

Symmetry & hip-waist ratio

Men, on the other hand, prefer the typically feminine. Evolutionary researchers assume that a symmetrical face and symmetrical breasts are particularly attractive to men. Why? Because symmetry, the researchers say, says something about a woman's health and fertility.

A small chin, a small nose, and large eyes - all men's preferred traits in women. They also find women with lighter complexions more attractive because this supposedly indicates higher levels of estrogen. Good news for all women with a distinctly feminine figure: men have confirmed in various surveys that they find women with hourglass figures more attractive than women without a waist.

People of the same kind stick together

Opposites attract? Not necessarily. Various studies have shown that couples who have a lot in common and who share interests are happier. Also good to know: Nowadays men are looking for a partner who has a similar approach to life, similar values ​​and morals and is socially equal.

But what about love

Despite all these decision-making factors and despite all the surveys and research results, fortunately it is and remains that love cannot be explained so easily. Because even if someone meets our criteria and ends up in the "potential partner" drawer, it still remains a mystery why we fall in love with one and not the other. Love is more than a mix of hormones, genetic material and social status. Love is and remains a fascination that has not been fully explored. And that's good!

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