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04/25/2018 | PRESS RELEASE Trusted Brands 2018: Sustainability is a woman's business

Representative consumer survey on organic products and brand loyalty - more than half of the consumers surveyed are willing to spend more money on regional products

April 25, 2018. Organic and regionally produced products are more important for women than for men. Around 60 percent of the women surveyed think it is worthwhile to rely on organic quality, and they are also willing to spend more money on regional products. This is a result of the study "Trusted Brands 2018" by Reader’s digest, about which 4000 Germans aged 18 and over were interviewed representative of the population. Only one in three men believes that organic products are doing something for their health, compared with 42 percent of women. Almost every second woman also assumes that she promotes the welfare of animals with organic products; for men it is 35 percent.

For more than half of those surveyed, it is important that sustainability is observed in the manufacture of products. The origin of a product is almost as important: “Made in Germany” is and will remain a quality feature. Although the origin of the product tends to be less important to men and young people than to the female population, 2 out of 3 women have particularly high levels of trust in German brands. Study leader Solvey Friebe explains that the fact from which country a brand comes from is by no means irrelevant for women: "It is definitely related to the stronger ethical orientation that women are also looking for in companies and brands."

Women and men are very close together when it comes to the reliability of a brand, a good price-performance ratio and good customer service - there are hardly any differences. Whether a brand is digitally well positioned, always has something new to offer or is particularly creative - is rather unimportant for German consumers with only 30 percent approval.

The core of the investigation is a broad brand survey. Overall, consumers call in the current Reader’s digest-Study "Trusted Brands 2018" 3,895 different brands in 27 product categories, seven of them in the health sector. The most trustworthy brands and thus the winners in the individual product categories are: Abtei, Allianz, Almased, Aspirin, Bahlsen, C&A, Deutsche Telekom, Dr. Oetker, Edeka, Eucerin, Frosch, Gerolsteiner, Haribo, Iberogast, Kind, Miele, Milka, Nivea, Persil, Little Red Riding Hood, Samsung, Sparkasse, Teapot, TUI, Volkswagen, Whiskas, Wick. Trust builds up over the long term, this applies to both people and brands. Scandals in recent history are only reflected in a decline in confidence years later. At the same time, brands have to continually re-acquire trust.

Reader’s digest launched the Trusted Brands study in 2001 and has been surveying the brand trust of Germans every year since then. The magazine Reader’s digest With a circulation of around 300,000 copies, it is one of the top 5 sold monthly magazines in Germany and reaches 1.8 million readers.

Examination profile: The study deals intensively with the level of trust among Germans and has been a pioneer for other studies of this type for many years. The current study examines issues relating to the relationship between consumers and brands - how close are brands to consumers. Reader’s Digest Germany did with the institute Dialego, Aachen, embarked on a path that allows an interesting monitoring of brands and their strengths from the point of view of the consumer. What is unique is that the question of the most trustworthy brands is asked openly, i.e. without any brand specifications. The consumer alone reveals which trust brand is at the top of his list. From November to December 2017, 4,016 consumers were surveyed online and their relationship to the brands examined.

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