Why is rock music not popular

A music that simply couldn't be forbidden.Rock 'n' roll

Most adults around the world in 1954 thought that teenagers had suddenly gone mad. Because suddenly they heard rock ’n’ roll, music that sounded groovy, kicked your legs and to which you just wanted to dance wildly and unrestrainedly.

This new music was played on the radio stations in Ameerika and quickly excited young people around the world. All the more so since the adults strictly rejected this music, it was considered amoral and offensive. Many adults even wanted to ban this music because they were convinced that rock ’n’ roll would spoil their children.

The two most famous musicians who brought this new music to world fame were Bill Haley and Elvis Presley.

Bill Haley (center) and his band "The Comets", 1956 (AP)

Rock ‘n Roll had a hard time in the beginning - but now both music and dance have become extremely popular. Again and again bands make it into the charts with rock ’n’ roll songs. And now rock ’n’ roll is danced all over the world - a lot of people just do it for fun. But there are also clubs in which rock ’n’ roll dance is trained. There are championships and world championships and in Germany alone over 15,000 people are members of rock ’n’ roll clubs.

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