What was your worst college experience

Kristof @ Pace University - studying abroad in New York

A semester abroad in New York is a special highlight for students. Also for SBC student Kristof Grote, who spent six months at the Pace University has spent. Here in the SBC Away Blog he describes his experiences in the city that never sleeps.

Why did you choose this partner university?

In the case of Pace University, you don't choose the university, you choose the city: New York. Living there once is an experience that cannot be replaced. Another argument for me was that the Lubin Business School has an excellent reputation within the city, but also nationwide.

How does student life abroad differ from your everyday leisure and study life in Germany / Munich?

Due to the size and location of the university, student life at Pace University has its own dynamic. The university offers its own microcosm in the financial district, which provides everything that makes the student's heart beat faster. Discounts on numerous restaurants and other services nearby help you enjoy your day on campus.

Pace University has its own dynamic - the university offers its own microcosm in the Financial District

Anyone who knows New York from vacation or from short visits will get to know a city during their semester abroad that does not meet the tourist-romanticized expectations. And that's what makes it all. Away from the well-known streets, the overcrowded squares and the crowded museums, the city still offers the real New York flair that I have come to love so much: Experience the sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge at 6:30 in the morning after visiting the club , run a lap through Central Park at 11am and feel like the last person on earth - or my favorite: In Battery Park with a coffee in hand, looking at New Jersey, just close your eyes and slow down life.

What was your best / worst / funnest experience abroad?

The best / worst / funniest experience was probably the same: Saying goodbye to the city that has put me under its spell. The last evening with my friends, wandering through the Upper East Side and soaking up the last minutes and impressions of the city, was an evening I will probably never experience again.

How was the sporting offer at the partner university?

The sporting activities on the NYC campus are negligible as the athletic program is offered on the Westchester campus. Nevertheless, Pace University offers a passable fitness studio and a sports hall, where basketball is played on Mondays and soccer on Wednesdays.

Since I went to the upscale Bounce Sports Bar every Thursday (ask for Zeke or Amine), I was able to quench my thirst for sports there. Otherwise, I rather enjoyed the city's cultural offerings, due to my friends who were not very interested in sports.

What tips and suggestions do you have for future students at the partner university?

Looking for an apartment in New York is even more tiresome than anywhere else. Depending on the standard you are used to, you should be willing to spend a fair amount of money to get a nearly decent apartment ($ 1,600 +).

It is best to bridge the first month with airbnb and then look for something to sublet.

What is your conclusion from the semester abroad and what do you take with you for the future?

New York City is the loudest, poorest, dirtiest, tiring and at the same time most beautiful, exciting, wonderful, most diverse city in the world.