Girls can study industrial engineering

As a woman - industrial engineering or just an engineer

high maintenance  πŸ“… 06.06.2011 16:31:29
As a woman - industrial engineering or just an engineer
Well, I'm a woman, I think that's an important point in engineering. Especially when it comes to job prospects.

At the moment I'm still studying mathematics and physics at high school, but after my first internship I noticed that I didn't want to become a puppet of the school reforms.

Now I will switch to the winter semester.
I'm interested in industrial engineering (with us at the university with a focus on electrical and information technology) or simply "just" electrical and information technology)

Is it advisable to study Wiing with a focus (1/3 economics, 2/3 technology) and is electrical engineering and information technology a good specialization?

Not all engineers are the same. Bauings now have problems on the job market. How is it at Wiing (with a focus on electrical information technology) and normal electrical engineers?

How is it with women? Is it more of an advantage or a disadvantage to be female?
I have to say that I am not a gray mouse, but that I partly finance my studies with modeling. Unfortunately I have the feeling that this is a disadvantage and that some think I'm stupid and don't trust me.

Thanks for the help!
Cautic  πŸ“… 06.06.2011 16:52:30
Re: As a woman - industrial engineering or just an engineer
high-maintenance wrote:
> Is it advisable to wiing with one at all
> Focus on studying (1/3 economics, 2/3
> Technology) and is electrical and information technology
> a good specialization?

Industrial engineering cannot actually be studied without a focus. When in doubt, the focus is on mechanical engineering

> How is it with women? Is it more of an advantage
> or a disadvantage of being female?

I would say that has nothing to say about career opportunities. I have a lot of acquaintances who are studying industrial engineering (also already dual in the company) and they have no problems there.

Otherwise I would advise you to study what interests you more. If you are not interested in business, I would recommend a purely technical degree from the outset.
high maintenance  πŸ“… 06.06.2011 16:58:45
Re: As a woman - industrial engineering or just an engineer
Thanks for your answer!

I am interested in the economic sector, which is why I tend to prefer industrial engineering with electrical engineering and information technology. It seems to me that I have a more comprehensive education.

Of course, it can also be that I then know a little about everything and therefore am neither a real business economist nor a real engineer. That's what I'm scared of.
How do the professions differ?
I would like to work in microelectronics later. Maybe research, maybe. but also in a managerial position, I don't (yet) know 100%.

What do you think in general of the direction Elek.-Info.Technik?

I do not know what to do.
Renate  πŸ“… 06.06.2011 19:13:46
Re: As a woman - industrial engineering or just an engineer
As an industrial engineer, research is closed to you.

Personally, I don't believe in industrial engineering, you are neither fish nor meat.

Either take a basic engineering degree and then add the economic knowledge on top, or if you are more interested in business administration, study technical business administration.
high maintenance  πŸ“… 06.06.2011 19:59:08
Re: As a woman - industrial engineering or just an engineer
Thanks Renate!

How can I do that "economical on top"?
Electrical engineering is a 1-subject Bachelor, as is business administration. Can I theoretically do an online degree on the side, i.e. one where you don't have to be present?
Can I be enrolled at two universities at the same time?
Is that possible with the student loan?
Anna  πŸ“… 06.06.2011 20:20:59
Re: As a woman - industrial engineering or just an engineer
You could get a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and then top it off with an MBA (Master of Business Administration).
Re: As a woman - industrial engineering or just an engineer
The career aspirations that you mentioned do not point towards business at all My rather modest knowledge of this area (from friends) says that as a business ring you mainly work in business, but in technical companies. Would you prefer to work in the technical or economic field later?

Personally, I think that the career prospects in engineering are even better than in WirtIng.

Concerning the focus - only you can decide whether this interests you or whether another focus is better. In principle, electrical engineers are in great demand and information technology is certainly not a dying market.

But don't just look around at the university you are at now, but also at others and compare the focus areas. Maybe someone else suits you a lot more?

Basically, you shouldn't have any major problems as a woman, except that you are relatively alone in the course. Many of my friends are studying technical courses and the quota of women is very low.
Re: As a woman - industrial engineering or just an engineer

Industrial engineering is the engineering course with the highest proportion of women.
Since industrial engineering is considered a "soft" engineering course, women are also very accepted there.

Regarding the statement that industrial engineers are neither really meat nor fish, I recommend reading here (click).

It is much more interesting whether you really are interested in industrial engineering topics. Industrial engineering is not just a mishmash, but has core areas that you will come across again and again (production management, factory planning, etc.)

You do not need to be afraid of the fact that you are nothing in half or whole!
high maintenance  πŸ“… 07.06.2011 13:31:29
Re: As a woman - industrial engineering or just an engineer

Thank you for your answers!

I'm interested in both the technical and the economic part of the course.
That's why I saw Wiing as a suitable course of study.
I am particularly interested in microelectronics and am therefore glad that I can study Wiing with a focus on electrical engineering and information technology.
I'm just not sure if this is a field of study that is in demand on the job market.
I don't have to worry anymore. Thanks!


Thanks for the link! With all the information you can quickly become confused, especially with Wiing graduates who cannot find a job and who advertise it on the Internet. I think that in the future I should better differentiate that from real unemployment (due to a lack of jobs). There are graduates in every area who cannot find a job simply because they are either technically or personally unsuitable.


Of course, your job prospects largely depend on your cup size.

Something like that had to come. You can't believe how often I've had to listen to whether I would rather study fashion design or something like that. During an internship interview, I was sent home before I could show what I could do (13 points in physics and math, internship at HDW and the Bundeswehr in the area of ​​climate research) - I was told that they couldn't do anything with women like that.
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