What toppings does Costco Pizza have

How do I avoid the pizza from getting watery?

Basically you have to avoid ingredients with too much water. For example, if you use mushrooms, use them fresh, then don't cook them and then add them to the pizza. When handling products that use a liquid as a preservative (salt water / vinegar / oil), drain them with a sieve or something similar.

However, what is really important is keeping the tomato sauce and fior di latte dry. When it comes to the tomato sauce, it helps to mix the fresh tomato with a tomato paste. If the tomato sausage gets thicker, you can still use a good amount of it in your pizza so you don't have to worry about losing the flavor. As a second option, you may use less tomato sausage, which is accompanied by a loss of taste and moisture, which is also very important for the pizza texture.

If you go for an ordinary mozzarella, the yellow one, be aware that it releases a lot of oil (usually these products are high in fat). Oil plus water is not a good combination on your pizza. There isn't much you can do here, but use less or find a mozzarella with less / no fat (again with loss of taste as fat is a flavor enhancer).

Fior di Latte is a better choice for a traditional pizza, it is lighter than the mozzarella and has a great taste. I've seen Fior di Latte come in buckets of water which makes them very, very wet, not a good help for you. But there are some hard blocks or crushed fior di latte. This is a good choice because they won't make your pizza moist as they won't release too much water (or whatever).

Cooking from home doesn't expect much, however. Since the cook is slow due to the low oven temperature (the ideal temperature starts between 350 and 400 degrees), he slowly drains the toppings so that the water comes out. I work in a wood stove and the pizzas cook in under 6 minutes. At home I need 10 to 15 minutes.

I hope it helps.

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