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Defect report: If the police and TÜV complain about the vehicle

It can meet everyone once: The car is no longer the youngest or the pothole has destroyed more than expected - and then the mobile pedestal falls through theGeneral inspection. The Defect report from TÜV is then not really pleasant, because it means more Elimination costs the objected points. But not only the TÜV creates a defect report for the vehicle, too the police can hand over one under certain circumstances.

When the officials write a deficiency reportwhat to do in such a case and what vehicle owners in terms of deadlines and costs The following guide takes a closer look at the TÜV after a defect report.

Reasons for a defect report by the TÜV

Why a vehicle the General inspection does not pass, can have many causes. In any case, are the shortcomings so significantthat no badge can be issued. In such a case, the TÜV a deficiency report regarding the points required for the award of the badge need to be fixed. The report itself can only list one deficiency or several items can be objected to. However, all are to be eliminated if the vehicle again has an operating license for public road traffic.

If there is a defect report from the TÜV,driving can be a problem represent. Do the auditors assume that the Defects a traffic hazard mean you have to remove the old badge and the Inform the licensing authorities accordingly.

In this case it is allowed the vehicle then does not continue be driven in public traffic. So can, among other things defective brakes, damaged steering, inoperable lighting or massive rust attack at important points of the body to one such traffic uncertainty to lead. Those affected then have to assess whether there is a Repair or rectification the defects still pay off.

Consists of the vehicle no hazard, drivers are allowed to drive it home or, if necessary, to the workshop. Driving from home to the workshop appointment is usually still allowed. You should contact the TÜV or the test center always clarifywhether to participate on the road is possible.

TÜV defect report: The deadline must be observed

If the TÜV has created a defect report for a vehicle, the affected owners must keep a deadline in mind. Because they are left with the task of eliminating the defects only a certain period of time. Also the necessary review must be done in this.

The deficiencies do not necessarily have to be removed by the workshop that carried out the main inspection. Everyone is free different offers to catch up. However, it is important that the Repairs within a month respectively. This deadline also applies the appointment for the review to. So vehicle owners have usually four weeksto eliminate the points in the defect report on the car and it again at the test center to introduce. In the case of the re-examination within the deadline, then, as a rule, will also be only checked the criticized positions.

Miss those affected However, the deadline must be a complete general inspection take place, which of course also has an impact on the costs. The period set in the Deficiency Report cannot be extended become. If the necessary measures and the check-up do not take place and vehicle owners drive anyway, it can quite consequences to have. Driving with a expired operating license usually means a fine of 50 euros.

Defect report from TÜV: These costs are possible

How much Those affected have to pay for the elimination of the deficiencies naturally depends on what to fix and how many shortcomings there are. In addition, it also plays a role where the repairs are done become. Depending on the workshop, it can be there to significant differences come.

The one after a defect report necessary review brings with it additional fees. How high this can be exactly overall but not determined become. Than ever by region and provider these costs differ in the federal states. However, they usually move in the same frame and lie between 10 and 30 euros. However, it is also possible that the fees for the inspection amount to 50% of the actual HU fees.

Significantly higher the costs are canceled if the deadline for re-examination is exceeded. In this case it stands another general inspection at. The pending fees are then increased by 20% of the usual fees.

When a deficiency report is drawn up by the police

A deficiency report can, as mentioned, not only be created by the TÜV as part of the main inspection. The police too has the option of having such a vehicle checked during vehicle inspections. to prepare a so-called deficiency card. As with the TÜV report, the reasons why this happens can be varied.

Is for example traffic safety are no longer given due to defective components, these defects are noted.

The same applies if appropriate Components no approval have. Such a deficiency report is also created by the police, if the TÜV expired is and the vehicle no valid badge owns more.

The identified points must be within one on the card noted deadline by approved persons or institutions professionally eliminated become. If this is done, it is recorded on the card and this vehicle defect report is for submission to the police to submit. Affected people can do that do it by post or personally at the station.

It is also important herethat the noted deadline both for the elimination of the defects and for the proof of the completion is adhered to. Will the police get the Evidence too late or not at all, the responsible road traffic authority or inform the admission officewhat then mostly in a review and Demonstration of the vehicle in question results.

Legally, that's in § 5 Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV) regulated:

If there is reason to believe that a vehicle is not compliant with this ordinance, the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations or the Small Electric Vehicles Ordinance, the licensing authority may order that

1. Proof of compliance determined by it or an expert opinion from an officially recognized expert, inspector for motor vehicle traffic […] presented or

2. demonstrated the vehicle

becomes. If necessary, the licensing authority can issue several such orders.

As a consequence can then the Decommissioning the vehicle respectively. The police deficiency report should So don't ignore vehicle owners. In the worst case scenario, the vehicle will run for the public road traffic prohibited.

FAQ: Defect report

Who creates a defect report on a vehicle?

On the one hand, a deficiency report is created by the testing organization as part of the main inspection. On the other hand, it can also be issued by the police during a vehicle inspection.

Is there a deadline in connection with a deficiency report?

Yes, as a rule, those affected have one month to rectify the defects and present the vehicle again for a check-up. A deadline for rectification and proof of this is also noted on the police defect card.

Does a new main inspection have to be carried out if the deadline for the inspection is not met?

Yes, if those affected exceed the specified deadline, a new general inspection must take place.