Why are you serious in your 20s

Harald Meissner's
mental tips

Guiding principle

"Champions make it difficult for themselves in training and easy in competition. Everyone else does it the other way around!"

This should dig itself firmly into your brain! It is the basis of your training when you train to win. Regardless of the level of the competition. That means:

First, take your training seriously. (Even if you have fun doing it.) An hour or two of training in the weeks leading up to a big tournament is a little "suboptimal"! You have to invest time and energy regularly to achieve your goals. Stay disciplined!

Furthermore: When you train, be 100% focused on your training! Playing a beer with your buddies in the pub does not help you improve your technique. Take time for your friends, but "jealously" watch over your training time!

In a tournament / league game: Do not try to force certain things in the first place. Allow your technique to flow. Let it happen. Trust your training. Let all the hard work of your training in tournament / league play flow through you. Reward yourself with an excellent shape and a "top-notch technique".

Learn the basics and internalize them. If you can't consistently throw 18 darts legs (on YOUR board without competitive pressure) the chances of a big tournament are pretty bad for you. My advice here: don't learn to throw next to the 20 segment. Imagine what it's like to throw 60s, tons, 140s and 180s. Repeat this over and over again! You might get to the point where your good technique becomes subconscious. You don't think about how you throw anymore: you just do it. THAT is the goal on your way, but now you are first building the foundation by focusing on the principles.

We learn and refine our skills through repetition. There are studies that show that you have to repeat motion sequences at least three times a week over a longer period of time in order to automate them. If you train once or twice a week you may maintain your level, but improvement will be very difficult. Top darters train 5-6 times a week when they move on to a major tournament. Each training session will be equally intense, but the duration will be between 2 and 6 hours. Start with regular training twice a week and go from there to a training course that will take you all year round.

"Stand at the oche, toil like a horse for a long time.
The reward will come at some point. Or maybe not. "

Concentrating on your throwing style is more important than concentrating on your result! Never worry about scores, either in training or in competition. You have to learn how to group your darts. Preferably around the Triple20 segment. If you are thinking of breaking your personal record or creating a special short game / high finish, you are unfortunately not thinking about what is necessary at the moment to throw well. Everything that is outside of your technique is counterproductive and harms your litter!

Or, some darters try to keep their consciousness under control. They use "keywords" like: * gently * when you let go of the dart. Some think: * Center * when aiming. You don't want to be distracted by anything and these keywords will help. It also prevents negative self-talk. Some sing in their minds. This also blocks the preoccupation with disturbances. These songs and words are "tools" to completely eradicate the harmful internal disturbances.

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