How can I be strong without a family

Life without a family

Last update: 09 April, 2018

There is a segment of society that is faced with the reality of living a life without a family. And everything indicates that this group is getting bigger and bigger. It's a new family reality that is spreading across the world.

The reasons for this are diverse. Sometimes they are only children who then do not have a family of their own. So they are alone in old age. Sometimes families disperse and their members live thousands of kilometers apart. In other cases, violence forces someone to live without a family. There are also cases when people of advanced age are abandoned by their relatives.

"The bond that connects an authentic family is not made of blood, but of mutual respect and joy."

Richard Bach

The disturbing thing is that until not so long ago this was an extraordinary reality. But nowadays it stops phenomenon which, without employing a majority, affects an ever larger proportion of the population. The number of people who choose not to have a permanent partnership has increased and the proportion of families with only one child has also increased.

Life without a family makes you more vulnerable

It's true, that the family is idealized on many occasions. But the family is never a space in which there is no conflict. Like any couple, a family is full of contradictions. It is a small human society and in it noble feelings and negative passions are lived at the same time.

Even so, the reality is mostly that the connections between family members are much stronger than those established with outsiders. It is commonly said that "blood is thicker than water". Even in families where people don't get along well, blood ties are a sign of attachment to relatives.

Because of this, life without a family leads to a state of greater vulnerability. There is no such blood relationship to other members of society, which offers important support in extreme situations. However, it should not be forgotten that the family is sometimes a source of physical and psychological stress. But who Having a more or less healthy, functioning family is better protected from the ups and downs of life.

Loneliness as a decision

It is said that sooner or later each of us had to face loneliness. Either because there is no one to turn to or because others are not willing or available to talk to us. This is a reality that occurs with and without a family. We should all prepare ourselves emotionally for it.

Is it possible to live without a family and feel good emotionally? The answer is yes. Man is endowed with an incredible adaptability that enables him to cope with all possible circumstances. The only really important thing is that this state is the result of a conscious choice. Either because you have decided on such a free life or because the circumstances have developed that way and you have accepted that for yourself without changing your course.

If life without a family did not come about through a self-made decision, it can lead to deep suffering. In addition, such situations promote anxiety and anxiety and can ultimately lead to physical illness. And even to death.

Think about the future and protect yourself

Everyone should know themselves well enough that they can judge how much the fact of living without a family affects them. Sometimes you let time go by without facing this reality face to face. But at some point it may be too late for that.

When you realize that social life is very important to you, you have to make choices and actions to achieve it. Because, unfortunately, enriching relationships do not fall from the sky. They are a safe home that must first be built in the head and heart and then in practice. There are many ways to raise a family these days. You just have to go through all of the options and pick the best one for yourself.

However, if you find that this aspect is not that fundamental to you, it is important to prepare to face the consequences of this decision. And also the advantages that it has. You have to know how to make the most of it. Living without a family does not mean sinking into absolute solitude. There are also ways that allow us to feel that everything and everyone is our home.

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