How do I clean an old mattress

Disinfect and clean a mattress

Disinfecting home remedies

In order to disinfect a mattress, you do not have to resort to an expensive branded product. Many home remedies have a disinfectant effect and can be used to clean the mattress:

  • vinegar
  • citric acid
  • alcohol
  • Baking soda
  • baking powder
  • pure tea tree oil, mint oil or eucalyptus oil

Caution with waterbeds: The sensitive surfaces should not be cleaned with aggressive products such as acidic agents. This is not necessary at all, because the smooth surfaces do not create a target for mites and bacteria to attack. Wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient here.

Clean and disinfect the mattress

  • Washing machine
  • soft hand brush
  • vacuum cleaner
  • Spray bottle (€ 12.49 at Amazon *)
  • Vinegar, citric acid, or alcohol
  • Baking soda or baking powder
  • One of the essential oils mentioned

1. Remove and wash bed linen and mattress cover

Remove bed linen and mattress cover and wash both (if the care label permits) at 60 ° C in the washing machine.

2. Vacuum the mattress

If you often eat in bed, it is advisable to vacuum your mattress briefly before cleaning. Use the upholstery for this and vacuum on the lowest level so as not to damage the material.

3. Clean the mattress

If there are stains on your mattress, first treat them with one of the mentioned liquid home remedies. To do this, dilute this with the same amount of water and dab the stain from the outside in with it. Alternatively, you can also use an enzyme-based stain remover. You can find out more about stain removal, home remedies and mattress cleaning in our guide to mattress cleaning.

Then put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray your mattress all over and evenly.

In both steps, make sure that the mattress does not get too damp!

4. Soda

Then sprinkle your mattress surface generously with baking soda. Soda has a disinfecting and odor neutralizing effect.

Now let the mattress dry off.

5. Suck again

If the mattress is completely dry, vacuum the baking soda on the lowest setting with a vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you can tap off the powder, but then you should do the whole procedure outdoors.

6. Miss the fragrance and disinfect

Now add a few drops of the essential oil you have chosen to the spray bottle and fill it with water. Spray your mattress with the mixture. Do not stand too close to the mattress so that it does not get too wet!

The oil disinfects and also provides a pleasant smell. So choose an oil that you can “smell good”.

7. Ventilate

Place your mattress vertically on the balcony (preferably in the sun), next to the heater or against a wall with good ventilation (e.g. near a window) and let it air out there for several hours.

Do not cover your mattress again until it is 100% dry.

Author: Sara Müller - Note: All information is without guarantee.

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