What is the difference between CA CFA

Difference Between CA and CFA


For those looking to make a career in retail, two courses are very popular, namely CA and CFA. While CA stands for Chartered Accountant, CFA refers to Chartered Financial Analyst. Although both share similarities belonging to the same trade flow, the areas of study in these two courses are very different. This article tries to highlight the differences between these two courses so that students can choose based on their needs and career opportunities.


An auditor is the person who deals with the accounting, taxation, auditing and valuation of business start-ups in terms of financial parameters. While corporate accountants aren't required to be auditors, most large organizations today prefer CAs to streamline their financial statements according to rules and regulations to keep audits running smoothly. It is of the utmost importance for any business to have accurate and up-to-date accounts. Because of this, there is a great demand for accountants in the industry.


A licensed financial analyst is someone who is trained in management accounting, financial management, and investment. A CFA is a professional who analyzes and compiles investment and capital analysis. Investing is one area where a CFA offers myriad opportunities as it provides attractive employment opportunities in both private and public companies. CFAs are particularly in demand in the financial sector, particularly banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and large corporations.

While a certification body is a requirement for all types of operations, CFAs are more likely to be adopted by large companies in the financial sector. While a certification body is primarily concerned with bookkeeping and auditing, CFAs have ample employment opportunities as their expertise is needed by companies to make financial decisions. Despite the fact that CFAs receive more salary and are absorbed in various finance positions, the demand for CAs is never low as they are vital to any business, small or large.

A certification body competes with other certification bodies, but a CFA must also compete with other professionals in the industry. Because of this, a person with an additional qualification other than a CFA degree has better chances than a simple CFA. It may be advisable to take CFA after completing the MBA to gain an advantage over other industries.

Difference between CA and CFA

As for the differences between a certification body and a CFA, while a certification body is constantly concerned with the accounts of a company and sometimes a company, a CFA is a specialized professional who takes care of financial decisions and the investment policies of large companies.