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Spanish TV Shows and Spanish Children's TV Shows are great learning tools for young and old. If you want to improve your listening skills in Spanish, you areSpanish series a practical tool. In the context of this article we therefore introduce you tothe best Spanish series and Spanish children's series in front.

Last update: April 21, 2021

The progress of learning a foreign language depends on your determination as well as on the appropriate learning technique. With so many techniques and resources available, it can sometimes be difficult to find the most suitable way to practice. I therefore advise you to choose a specific exercise technique for each discipline. In the first part of our article about series in English - for learning and practicing, we therefore explain how you can increase the chances of understanding the content in the language you have learned.

I find this technique exceptional and effective because it is easy to do watch spanish series and relaxwhile familiarizing yourself with the sound and grammar of other languages ​​at the same time. I also met a Polish woman a few months earlier who told me that she had been Colombian since she was a child Telenovelas would watch with Polish subtitles. Thanks to the series watching, she learned a lot about pronunciation and useful grammar constructions used in everyday language. I was surprised to hear her speak Spanish as she didn't have any accent.

Now I am going to recommend you some Spanish series and TV shows that will help you Improve your listening skills in Spanish. Some are Telenovelas, the most popular broadcast format in Latin America. Individual episodes are longer than American ones Sitcoms and they are more reminiscent of soap operas. Some are funny, others are more dramatic.


Spanish series and TV shows to learn^

El Chavo del Ocho^

[Mexico -1971/1980 - 8 seasons - sitcom / comedy]

This is a timeless sitcom that was broadcast in Latin America and Spain. El Chavo is the most watched television show in Latin America, with an average of 91 million viewers daily. Each episode is about one of the adventures or misadventures of El Chavo (“The kid” or “the boy” in Mexican Spanish) tells an orphan from a socially disadvantaged background who always gets into trouble when he is with other boys from the vecinidad (Neighborhood) plays. El Chavo is a cheeky and at the same time innocent boy, so that in the end he is always held accountable for the stupid behavior of his friends.

Language level: This sitcom is perfect for intermediate level learners, since the dialogues are short and most people do not speak quickly. And there's definitely a lot of Mexican slang to be heard, but I don't think that's a problem. You can buy the DVD's here: El Chavo del Ocho on amazon.


Spanish series: Yo Soy Betty la Fea^

[Colombia - 1999/2001 - 169 episodes - telenovela / romantic comedy]

These Telenovela was entered in the Guinness Book of Records in 2010 as the most successful TV series of all time. It was broadcast in 180 countries and 28 adaptations were made abroad. The American version "Ugly Betty“, Which was realized by the Hollywood actress Salma Hayek, is one of the most famous adaptations. The series is about the story of Beatriz Pinzón, an intelligent young woman who has just completed her master's degree and is now looking for a job. She finds a job as a personal assistant to the managing director ofEcomoda, a renowned clothing brand. Beatrice is overqualified for this job, but she still accepted the job because all previous interviews were unsuccessful, as the potential employers preferred candidates who were prettier and sexier. Beatriz is not a “beautiful” woman, but she is sensitive and honest, and for this reason she is the victim of mean comments from her boss, a true philanderer, as well as from various colleagues in every episode.

Language level:This soap opera is suitable for the (advanced) intermediate level. By watching, you can become familiar with the Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary of the world of work and that of the fashion industry. The characters have no distinctive accents and there isn't much slang in the dialogues. You canYo soy Betty la Fea watch on Youtube.

Spanish series: Les Luthiers 

[Argentina - 1970 / today - broadcast / musical comedy]

This is a show refined with subtle humor and musical interludes. In each episode, the group of musicians and comedians present a handcrafted musical instrument (hence the French name of the program ‘les luthiers‘, Which refers to the manufacturer of musical instruments), which she then uses to perform works by the composer Johann Sebastian Mastropiero. He is a fictional character, invented by Les Luthiers, with no musical talent. So do yourself Les Luthiers in every episode funny about the miserable failure of Mastropiero, who tries to compose classical music in order to become famous all over the world.

Language level: The show is perfect for advanced intermediate and advanced learners. The comedians speak slowly and clearly. You can learn vocabulary related to music, history and social aspects of the present and the past. You can buy the DVDs on Amazon or watch the episodes on YouTube.

Spanish series: Spaniards in London 

[Spain - 2014 - 5 episodes - web series / comedy]

This is the first Spanish web series (series produced online) to be filmed in the UK. Spaniards in London is about Spaniards trying to start a new life on the island.The individual episodes are primarily about their experiences while learning English, looking for a place to stay, the Areit and new acquaintances while they try to keep in touch with their loved ones in Spain. You can watch all of the episodes here: https://www.youtube.com/user/spaniardsinlondon

Language level: This web series is perfect for Beginneras it will help you develop a listening understanding of Spanish. I found them particularly helpful as part of the dialogues in each episode are in English with Spanish subtitles (50% English, 50% Spanish). As the characters speak both Spanish and English, so you won't feel completely lost. But even if you are at an advanced level, you can improve your pronunciation and grammar by memorizing the dialogues.


Malviviendo, Vida Universitaria, Calabozos and other web series^

Web series is a new and exciting option that allows you to watch independently produced series with an average episode length of 9 minutes. These types of series are made for those who don't have much time to watch TV. The series can therefore be viewed on the tablet or smartphone, e.g. at breakfast or on the way to work or home from work.

There is a wide variety of web series to suit all tastes: genres range from comedy and drama to suspense and even horror. I hope that you enjoy it and that you will learn a little about Spanish culture in this way.

Extra: Children's series in Spanish ^

See also our selection of the best Spanish children's series and series for teenagers in Spanish below. Yes, even the little ones pick up languages ​​through the medium of TV. The next time you have to sit down with your offspring in front of the television, at least let them be during this time "learn" a new language. If you choose Spanish, we recommend the following programs:

Pregunta a los StoryBotsAn entertaining learning series that combines different styles, such as animation, 3D and muppets, and offers answers to the biggest questions our children have.
El Hotel FurchesterThose who love Sesame Street will enjoy this series in Spanish with their kids!
Go on super constructsA very fun way to approach emotional intelligence with younger children.
Las Aventuras de TintinThe Belgian reporter Tintin and his loyal dog Struppi have been traveling the world since 1992 and they just don't go out of style.
Inspector gadgetInspector Gadget is back and has to face his old enemy, the evil Dr. Set gear.


Do you know any other children's series in Spanish? Maybe from your own childhood? Let us know in the comments box!


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