Why does semen smell funny

Hi Beatrice!

I've been with my girlfriend since 9 months together and almost everything is perfect too. We only have one problem and that is that my "Drops of longing"or"Drops of pleasure"as he is called, smells weird. So uncomfortable that my girlfriend can't give me oral satisfaction. We believe that is because it doesn't smell until these drops come.

And from what I've read here, the consistency also seems to be "normal". Transparent liquid that pulls threads. The fact that it smells strange cannot be due to hygiene, as I wash myself very thoroughly. And yes, as written, it only smells when the said liquid escapes.

But what can be the reason that the liquid smells like that?

I ask for your help.

Nils (21)


Dear Nils,

You won't like to hear it, but first of all you have to go to the Urologist walk. The smell can be an indication of a undetected infection or be a disease.

If the doctor can't find anything, it may be due to your consumption habits.

Then you have to do the following experiment:

Do without the following things for 10 days:

- Meat and sausages

- Fast food (including french fries, ready meals and everything with chemical additives, e.g. glutamate / flavor enhancer)

- Chips and other snacks

- Beer

- smoking (important!)

- medication + drugs

If the smell is much better then, you have to start with the cause Narrow down by adding back the above things one by one.


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Beatrice Poschenrieder