What are points of lack of motivation

10 simple things that kill employee motivation

It's one of those things about employee motivation. There are an unlikely number of measurement methods, just as many institutes that want to measure this employee motivation and even more consulting firms that want to help you motivate their employees.

If you consider the 10 points below, you should not need the skilled workers or other helpers - then you and your company are an exemplary leader and employer.

Numbers, data and facts help to demotivate

Briefly back to the measurements of motivation and emotional attachment to your company.

The PEW Research Center

On the one hand there is the Pew Research Center from the USA, which provides a comparison after 20 years. 2,000 employees were surveyed and satisfaction fell by 10 percentage points in the period mentioned. The following values ​​resulted in the 3 age groups:

The GALLUP Institute

Another player that deals with long-term measurement of emotional attachment is the GALLUP Institute. We have already reported extensively on their results under the heading Gallup study. The survey is not without controversy, but especially in connection with the A-B-C theory, it offers good clues for incorrect behavior by companies that are unfriendly to employees and therefore complain about a lack of skilled workers.

Before we get to the 10 deadly sins for employee motivation, let's make an international comparison.

In particular, as skilled workers, we think how much money is invested in motivating employees and how little (basically 0) that changes in the numbers according to Gallup.

So what's wrong with motivating employees?

In answering this question, we first need to distinguish which actions are being taken. It was not without reason that we turned to non-monetary measures in the workshops on securing skilled workers.

You know the monetary measures from the FF and host of sales teams want to offer you all kinds of card systems (fitness studio, tickets, fuel cards, etc.) or other material assets (company bicycles, beverage stations, designer furniture, etc.) to increase motivation.

But how long do the measures last?

Superiors are trained to motivate their employees. You don't have to. It is quite enough not to demotivate them.

The ultimate TOP 10 list

Once again the Americans, in this case the National Business Research Institute from Texas, have provided us with information from research. In the specific case, it was about the companies and the causes of lack of satisfaction - and that in 2019:

  1. poor or lack of communication
  2. unfair payment
  3. Job insecurity
  4. lack of recognition
  5. Boss has his favorite
  6. revision
  7. Manager as a never-let-go, constant controller and better-knowing
  8. Peter Principle Manager
  9. failed or lack of development opportunities
  10. Leader who is arrogant, unjust and bossy

You and we can only draw one conclusion from these 10 points:

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The ultimate example

A group had proclaimed the "year of life insurance".

All employees pulled together and did everything in their power to increase the life insurance business. And indeed. With the utmost effort, they managed an increase of 50 percent.

At the end-of-year party, the CEO thanked him, and the workforce was in a celebratory mood.

And then the boss said this one sentence that drove the mood down: “... and next year we will increase this amount by another 30 percent. That is our new annual goal! "

Keeping the result would be a success. After all, all employees had subordinated themselves to one goal, put other tasks behind, sacrificed themselves. Increasing the result again seemed impossible.

The praise fizzled out, it almost sounded like a reproach, after: “There is still room for improvement.” Nobody could be happy about what had been achieved that evening.

The Motivation killer had set a gunshot.

Looking back to 2015

Of course, such lists of poor working conditions, managers and tasks have existed before. So that you and we can always keep the past mistakes in mind, we would like to list the motivation killers 2015 of the National Business Research Institute mentioned above:

  1. pessimism
  2. salary
  3. uncertainty
  4. print
  5. Contempt
  6. nepotism
  7. Decisions - without the basis
  8. Waste of time
  9. Roar around
  10. (lack of) communication

Even further back - 2009

We have already dealt with this important topic once in the 3rd year of the skilled workers. At that time we had the headline 'Fear of the job as a motivational killer' and had a completely different employer-employee situation. Nevertheless, it is instructive to also recall these TOP 10 and to draw the right conclusions from them,

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