Why are old people strict?

Body odor in old age - you should know that

Changed eating habits

Eating habits often change with age. Many seniors no longer cook for themselves, but use food supply services. These changed eating habits can be due to a different proportionality between carbohydrates as well as fats to one Change in body chemistry and thus lead to a change in body odor. How this change specifically affects the body odor in individual cases cannot be determined in advance. That is why a balanced diet is very important in old age.

Habits and the living environment

Certain lifestyle habits and external living conditions also have an impact on body odor. Older people are often less active in the fresh air, and they also take a resting position within their own four walls for a long time. In many cases, they are surrounded by older furniture, old carpets and wallpaper that has not been renewed for decades. These objects can also develop their own odor, which is perceived as musty or almost moldy, for example. Those who spend most of their time in such an environment also perceive such smells through their clothing. Then there is also the Cleaning of clothes, bed linen and other surrounding objects is neglected, these also contribute to a smell. It is not uncommon for older people to neglect regular ventilation of the rooms because they freeze quickly or do not think about it.

Some typical perfumes are also associated with age by other people. Seniors often have fixed preferences for certain fragrances or room deodorants. For young people, these fragrance notes are also common contributes to the impression of an old people odor.


Seniors aged 65 and over suffer from one form or another of incontinence. This can lead to a wide variety of odor problems. They not only affect body odor in old age, but also that Smell in living spaces and in clothing. If no increased efforts are made to maintain personal hygiene or to clean clothes and rooms, a permanent odor of urine often becomes lodged. Many younger people also associate this smell with age.

Addressing the problem of body odor in old age

Body odor in old age is not a luxury problem. If unpleasant body and living room odors are not addressed, the environment often withdraws from the elderly. Seniors can become lonely and isolated. Therefore, the problem of body odor should be actively addressed. Significant improvements can often be achieved with simple measures:

1. Is there a specific cause of an unpleasant odor in the elderly?

Factors such as poor personal hygiene, musty rooms and hygienic deficiencies when cleaning textiles can be fixed relatively easily. Above all, it should also be examined whether the elderly can still move around sufficiently within their four walls and, for example, can still reach the bathroom and hygiene facilities independently. A stair lift, a change in the room layout and, if necessary, the disposal of musty furnishings can make a big difference.

2. Can certain hygiene and care products such as deodorants, creams and room perfumes help?

If your own body chemistry and thus your body odor change in old age, a change in hygiene products should also be considered. Deviating from typical odor directions that are associated with age can bring great success. Seniors are not always easy to convince one Use a different deodorant, perfume, or soap. However, it can be worthwhile to make small changes here.

It is important that older skin always needs a lot of protection and care. If aggressive hygiene agents are used, the odor can develop Damage to the skin often intensify. This is especially true in the context of incontinence. Urine is an aggressive body fluid. The affected areas of the skin must therefore be cared for intensively.

In the case of incontinence, it is particularly important to change hygiene products regularly and to adequately clean bedding and clothing. The Personal hygiene should by no means be neglected here. In this context, it should also be remembered that seniors should stay mobile in their home for as long as possible in order to be able to carry out hygiene measures themselves. A stair lift, a seat in the shower, easier access to the bathtub - all of these measures can also help to cope better with body odor in old age.

There is unpleasant body odor in old age no inevitable fate, but a small challenge for which there are many good solutions.