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Equal Pay Day: Dear students, what do you think about the gender pay gap?

Why do we need an equal pay day?

At the Gender Pay Gap we differentiate between the unadjusted and the adjusted Gap. The unadjusted wage difference is currently 21 percent - that means: If a man receives one euro for an hour of work, a woman earns only 79 cents in the same time.

This difference has above all structural causes: On the one hand, there is still a dichotomy between women's and men's jobs, although the remuneration in traditional women's jobs, such as education or care, is generally lower. On the other hand, women work a lot more often part-time than men, as in most cases they take care of the household and childcare.

That is more meaningful adjusted "pay gap": Here the salaries of women and men in comparable positions and with similar qualifications are compared. Right now a woman earns six percent less than her male colleague.

In order to draw attention to the wage difference between men and women, the professional women’s network BPW (Business and Professional Women) launched the Equal Pay Day brought to life. For this purpose, the unadjusted wage gap is used to calculate how many days a year women theoretically work without pay. This year the Equal Pay Day will take place on March 18 instead - that means for women that they are the first 77 days of the year for free worked while the men started collecting salaries from January 1st.

Gender Pay - what ?!

Many of the students whom we approached on the Bochum campus about the topic of "Gender Pay Gap" knew about the term to do nothing at all. Perhaps the term "Gender Pay Gap" is still in useUse of language by the students arrived. Because as soon as we explained to the students what it was all about, suddenly everyone had one opinion - and a pretty clear one.

Henrik: "It would be okay for me to earn less for equality"

What do you think of the gender pay gap?
I think it's crazy that this is still there in Germany. I wouldn't have thought so, so it's good that these numbers have now come out. One should urgently do something about it.

For example?
First and foremost: closing this gap. If the men then earn less so that it can be adjusted, then I think that's okay. For me it would be no problem at all to earn less so that equality exists. I think it's important that something happens.

Felix: "Women are even more important than men"

What do you think of the gender pay gap?
Of course, I don't think it's okay that women get less money than men. Why should women get less? For me there is simply no reason at all. Same work, same wage. That’s exactly the same nonsense as racism - it’s also completely pointless. I just don't see any difference whether a woman or a man is doing a job.

And against the background that women have a higher risk of failure because of pregnancy?
Well, without children we don't have a future either. One could also support the other thesis and say: women are even more important! But of course that's just as nonsense. Ultimately: same work, same money. Equal rights - that's normal.

Lotte: "Only men have careers in my course"

What do you think of the gender pay gap?
I would say that this is due to the role model of men and women, because different professions have grown historically and are women or men. But I think that this wage inequality with the same form of work and the same Profession does not work at all. In my opinion, the problem is still under-addressed.

Would you address the gender pay gap or even change jobs because of it?
I would definitely bring it up and change jobs if necessary. I'm studying social work - that's a really big topic. There are about ten men studying with me, and they all already know that they want to have a career one day. Somehow that's not the case with women. Because women and men often do not work at the same level, it is difficult to compare salaries. Overall, however, I would say that we should all earn more. You still earn far too little, especially in traditional women's professions.

Paul: "Women must do more for the same recognition"

As a man, would you be willing to forego wages in order to close the gender pay gap?
I've never been in an employment relationship, so it's hard to judge. But I would say: definitely.

In interviews with women who have worked their way up to management positions, one often reads the following sentence: If you are traveling as a woman in a male-dominated world, you not only have to achieve the same performance as the men, but preferably a performance that goes beyond that. I think that's totally wrong, but in my opinion it's a structural problem.

Julia: "The gender pay gap is a joke"

What do you think of the gender pay gap?
First of all, I have to say: This is really a cheek! I study law Sciences and of course I would like to become a successful lawyer at some point in the future. I couldn't come to terms with the fact that someone in a large law firm would do the same job as me and earn more just because he was a man.

Would you address the gender pay gap or even change jobs because of it?
I guess so. Of course, with something like that, you have to pay attention to the way you go about it. But the most important question is: Why do I get less? It should also not be forgotten that a woman still has other tasks to perform - in the household or taking care of children. That's a burden anyway. Then earn even less? No!

Pascal: "Why should I get less money when women could get more?"

What do you think of the gender pay gap?
I do think that men and women should get the same pay for the same work. I think it's just unfair when a forty-year-old woman does the same job as a twenty-year-old man and still gets less salary.

As a man, would you be willing to forego wages in order to close the gender pay gap?
I think it would be fair if women also get more money. Why should I earn less when they could get more wages?

That's what the gender expert says

Dr. Katja Sabisch is Professor for Gender Studies at the Ruhr University Bochum. We asked them how women can fight wage inequality at work and whether there is any hope that the gap will ever be closed.

Equality at a snail's pace

UNICUM: How can women defend themselves against the wage difference at work?
Dr. Katja Sabisch: If the job is actually the same, you could of course take legal action against it. The federal government is also currently planning a legislative initiative through which salaries will be disclosed - this is an important first step.

Who is responsible for closing the gender pay gap?
All actors are actually addressed here. We should start with childhood: it has to be more about promoting individuals and not about developing certain gender stereotypes. Initiatives such as Girls Day or Boys Day must try to get gender bias out of people's minds when choosing a career.

Will salaries ever be distributed fairly?
If the development continues at this snail's pace, it is of course not exactly beneficial for women. Especially when we think of problems like poverty in old age. There are more and more fathers on parental leave, but mostly only for two months because this is approved as longer leave and is socially recognized. Anything beyond that is more likely to be sanctioned. I would say that structurally there is not necessarily so much gained that it would take a little more to close this gap.