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The effects of smoking and vaping on the home

News from 09/12/2018

Cigarette smoke is not only harmful to people, the apartment also suffers a lot from the smoke that settles everywhere. Anyone who smokes knows the problems: yellow deposits on the walls, bad smells in the curtains, smeary films on smooth surfaces. The bad thing about it? Even with thorough cleaning, the residues can never be completely removed, because they move into the walls and floors and in very bad cases you can hardly avoid a general renovation. More on this in this guest article.

Region. Many smokers are now trying to switch to e-cigarettes instead. With her, all these annoying deposits should be a thing of the past. But is that really true or does the vapor from the e-cigarette also leave residues on walls, furniture and windows? What damage do tobacco and e-cigarettes do in the home?

The best for the apartment: no smoke or steam

Especially when you renovate and furnish your apartment with a lot of love and effort, you naturally want it to stay beautiful for as long as possible. To be on the safe side - also for your health, of course - it is best not to smoke or vape. This not only ensures that you can enjoy your apartment for a long time, but also ensures that people around you do not have to suffer from the smoke or steam. Although it is said that, unlike passive smoking, there is no such thing as "passive vaping", it is of course better for everyone if, ideally, vaping and smoking are taken outside on the balcony or terrace. This protects both the facility and the people around you.

The effects of cigarette smoke on home furnishings

With the daily cleaning of the living space you often do not even notice how much cigarette smoke can settle everywhere. It starts with the curtains, which not only smell bad, but also turn yellow. But the walls also suffer as a result: especially open-pored materials such as plaster, masonry, wood or wall paint attract the smoke almost magically. The treacherous? The smoke not only settles on the materials, it penetrates into the deepest pores. Then a fresh coat of paint with water-soluble paint does not help, because it ensures that the deposits are reactivated and reach the surface. Fast re-staining guaranteed.

One way to avoid this is to use a strong nicotine barrier primer that virtually seals off the wall. However, this variant also has its disadvantages: a lock can also impair the ability of the wall to regulate the room humidity, which in the worst case can lead to the formation of mold.

If the apartment has a tiled floor, the deposits can be removed quite easily with powerful cleaning agents and moisture mist. It looks different again with carpets, PVC or laminate. In the case of carpets, an attempt can be made to eliminate odors and deposits using a spray extraction device, in which a hot, highly concentrated cleaning solution is sprayed deep into the fibers and sucked out again as dirty water. But with laminate or PVC flooring, the smoke literally penetrates into the last crack. If you want to remove this effectively, often only the complete removal of the flooring material will help.

A very complex method to remove the smell of cold smoke and ash is a so-called ozone device, in which the oxygen in the air is broken down into ozone, which can bind and "absorb" even the finest odor particles. The disadvantage: the procedure can take up to 48 hours and is not necessarily cheap.

Are there deposits from the vapor of the e-cigarette?

There is no combustion process with the e-cigarette - the part that is largely responsible for the deposits and discoloration of tobacco smoke. This means that the walls do not discolour due to the steam from the e-cigarette, the curtains do not smell unpleasantly of cold smoke and textiles also stay fresh. The liquid manufacturer and steamer shop Liquido24 says: "The vapor from the e-cigarette is much less harmful to your home and furnishings than cigarette smoke. Nevertheless, it is of course best if you also move the vaping outside."

But e-cigarettes cannot do without deposits either. Here the steam, especially if liquid with a high percentage of glycerine (VG) is used, can easily deposit on window panes as a light, oily film of condensate. This is because the vapor, which is made up of tiny moist particles, can mix with dust from the air and precipitate. However, this is not always the case, factors such as the humidity in the room, whether there is adequate ventilation, the room temperature and the liquid used also play an important role. The fundamental difference to tobacco smoke deposits? The deposits can be removed very easily and without a trace with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

This keeps the apartment fresh and clean

Of course, it would be best to refrain from both smoking and vaping in the apartment. But not everyone wants that. That's why you can use a few little tricks to keep odor and deposits within limits:
- Ventilate frequently and ensure good air circulation
- Wipe windows and smooth surfaces regularly with a damp cloth and possibly with cleaning agents
- Use special wall paint with a nicotine lock
- Wash curtains and textiles (blankets, pillow cases, etc.) more often
- Treat carpets every six months with a special carpet cleaner

If you stick to these simple rules, the furniture, walls and textiles will stay clean and smells will not settle well. (PRM)