Zoepfe are in vogue these days

Sure it's possible! The twelve most surprising trends of the season

There are always changing codes in fashion. Do you have to go through all of them? Not necessarily. But you can understand them.

1. Foulards

Small silk foulards around the neck have long been considered the signet of higher daughters; and in short: as uncool. Meanwhile, however, women no longer need to hide their seriousness. Rather, well-groomed intelligence is an ideal that is well worth striving for. And what better way to illustrate this on the image-heavy new media than with yesterday's fashion logos?

Men’s fashion, on the other hand, takes over the foulard in order to break feminine clothing codes that are all too virile; a shirt collar is lengthened into a bow, as seen at the Hermès fashion house, which in this way references its own key piece.

Seen by: Hermès, Bally.

Wear to: Neck, wrist, braid, bag handle.

Best response to lack of understanding of fashion: Re-tie the foulard in peace of mind.

2. Pumps

For centuries, high heels were still perfectly normal for both sexes; Doubters like to google King Louis XIV. Then men are expected to stand by their natural size. Fashionable role models such as singer Harry Styles or the bustling Kanye West are just regaining the right to self-determination over apparent body size. They also prove that heels have become a serious category in men's fashion.

Combine with: aexhibited pants or classic suits.

Best response to lack of understanding of fashion: look down from above.

3. Bangs

Hairstyles say most of all about what we are or what we want to be. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. And so the correctly drawn barber parting has long since been replaced by a new hairstyle trend: the pony cut. The sides are rasped short, the top hair longer and with straight edges. Gladly worn by men who would ascribe themselves to the avant-garde - and that can also be rappers these days.

Seen by: Rapper Stress, DJ Richie Hawtin and the rapper Kalifa, leading actor in the successful German series “Skylines”.

Best answer to the question who was the hairstyle template here: «The monk from 'The Name of the Rose'. Kennsch, digga? "

4. Large handbags

Bags couldn't be small enough for long. There was not even enough space for a smartphone in the micro-bags that were popular in autumn, and the trend was towards a second bag. Now everything you might need fits into a huge bag again, from the laptop to the training clothes to the disinfectant spray, the sloppier and lighter the better. In these times you have to be prepared for any eventuality.

Seen by: Bottega Veneta.

Connoisseurs wear them: on the short handle in hand.

The best answer to the question of where to go: "I was shopping for pasta and toilet paper."

5. Neck pouch

Let's start with the basic problem of the man and the transport of his belongings: There are not really suitable solutions for this. Even if the man's handbag is promoted again and again, it will not prevail. Backpacks are popular, but not suitable for every industry. An accessory is now establishing itself that deals with the topic in a much more individual way: tiny, flat pockets for men that also replace ties. Worn like a chain around the neck or at an angle under a jacket.

Seen by: Loewe, Louis Vuitton.

Worn by: Men whose baseball caps are not just sunscreen, but part of a carefully curated outfit.

The best answer to the question, what on earth do you need this little bag for: "Would you like some chewing gum?"

6. Cycling shorts

Of course, not everything looks good on normal people that looked good on Princess Diana. The fashion experts in Paris and Milan, however, believe in cycling shorts; last year's trend remains. For one thing, the nineties revival wave has not yet subsided.

On the other hand, the aesthetically rather difficult item of clothing closes the gap between the desire to show one's legs and yet not be degraded to an object: While mini-Jupes are frowned upon as impractical female clothing in the current debate, cycling shorts allow full freedom of movement with maximum freedom of movement Presentation of the well-formed extremities thanks to Pilates and intermittent fasting.

Combine with: Oversize blazers and heels.

Seen on: Instagram.

The best answer to the question of whether you came by bike: "No. Why?"

7. Frog green all over

You could already get used to tone-on-tone looks last year; all or nothing. This year there is a color that we owe to Greta and her followers: green. Frog green, in fact; but not a native, mud-colored toad, but a cold-blooded animal native to the jungle, whose poison would certainly have an effect on a Pfleilspitze. Even if the glowing tone may be irritating at first, it should be given a chance. In fact, there is hardly a color that suits so many types as this.

Seen by: Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Valentino, Michael Kors Collection, Marni.

Suitable for: Hope is green, so suitable occasions are weddings, baptisms, climate academies and salary negotiations.

8. Polo shirts

Hardly any other item of clothing is such a testament to socially aspiring conformity as the T-shirt with a buttoned collar; after all, it suggests that you never lose your fashionable composure in your free time. Conceived as a more comfortable alternative to a long-sleeved shirt or even a jacket for polo sports and tennis, the polo shirt with the brand logo became the uniform of young snobbies in the eighties and nineties. Now you wear it more feminine than ever (the gender of the person dressed in this way does not matter): made of fine fabrics, combined with flowing pieces in pastel colors.

Seen by: Prada, Lacoste, Chanel.

The best answer to the question of how the tennis game ended: "Love!"

9. Glasses chains

As far as solving problems is concerned, we are probably living in the best of all fashion times: Everything that is insanely practical, but actually not so beautiful, is simply transformed into an ironic statement. Heel shoes that cause Halux have been replaced by health shoes and sneakers, uncomfortable, stiff clothes by yoga pants and flowing prairie dresses, glasses are no longer reserved for sad nerds, but an indispensable accessory. And misplacing the visual aid is a thing of the past; Just like cell phones, they are simply tied to the person they belong to.

Seen by: Gucci.

Suitable for: Influencers and all those who have lost their glasses who, out of shame, have so far refused to buy a chain.

Best response to lack of understanding of fashion: As a senior teacher, squint over the top of the glasses and sigh softly.

10. Flared pants for men

In the seventies, at least in terms of fashion, the world was more equal than it is today; not only hippies but also office rubbers wore flared trousers. Today these have reclaimed their way from the fashionable sparrow to the normal type of trousers in the women's wardrobe; not least because the seventies are currently one of the most cited fashion epochs. Men, too, are increasingly showing themselves in flattering, because stretching, cuts; especially in combination with high heels.

Seen by: Maison Margiela, Marni, Loewe, Jil Sander.

WornNeither ankle length or straight to the floor.

The best answer to a lack of understanding of fashion: Sing "Let the sunshine in" and slowly dance away.

11. Polka dots

Minnie Mouse wears polka dots; Knowing this is enough to understand why the point assemblies struggled to be chosen by fashion-conscious people. They probably made it through detours: In the past few seasons, a true Garden of Eden has blossomed on clothes and accessories. Apparently one has now seen enough of the excessive fertility and is switching to an equally ornamental, but graphically more convincing variant.

Seen by: Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Dries Van Noten, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors Collection.

The best answer to a lack of understanding of fashion: "I collect super points."

12. Black (even in summer)

It wasn't that long ago that the infamous front row at fashion shows hosted almost exclusively people in black. Real fashion experts like Suzy Menkes dressed in the reserved non-color, exuberant color and pattern experiments were reserved for the fashion mob. The flood of images from the new media has thrown this system out of balance; the louder the outfit, the more influencer. So now the return to the black fashion calm can be determined.

Seen by: the Oscars, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Ellery.

The best answer to a lack of understanding of fashion: "Mustard yellow / orange / taupe (use the color that the other person is wearing) actually doesn't flatter everyone."