Where can I find a connection

Information on house connection (APL)

You can get Internet and telephone through your house connection - you have to know that about it.

The house connection is also abbreviated as "APL", which stands for A.conclusionpunkt L.inientechnik. This is where the network operator's line ends and leads into your house.

Where is the APL and what does it look like?

You will usually find the APL as a box in a house connection room in the basement, where electricity and water also enter the house. More rarely, it is on the outside wall of the house or in the neighboring house.

Depending on the construction, the APL looks very different! Typical examples for the line technology termination point can be found on the Internet.

In order for your connection to be switched, a service technician sometimes needs access to your APL. It is therefore important that you know where the APL is before the switching day and that you ensure that it can be reached. If this is not the case, please speak to your landlord or caretaker about it.

If your property is not connected to the public grid

In this case - such as in a new building - the house owner is responsible for laying a subscriber line and installing an APL. You can find out more about this in our article on basic telephone or internet access.

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