Honey can drain


Does honey last forever?

Honey is a well-known and popular food. The sweet stuff, however, requires a lot of work: less from humans than from bees. A drop of honey is a bee's entire life's work.

To do this, she uses enzymes to transform the nectar of various plants in her stomach into spread. So that the honey in the beehive doesn't go bad, the bees seal the honeycombs with wax. It remains airtight so it can be kept over the winter.

Honey, which was discovered as grave goods during archaeological excavations, is said to last not just for one winter, but for several thousand years. According to science, it was still edible. However, it is not known whether someone actually tried the millennium honey.

In principle, honey can spoil. To prevent this, it should be kept dry, dark and cool. Honey is very sensitive to light. If it is not stored in the dark, its antibacterial ingredients can be destroyed. However, this process takes months, if not years.

Also, honey is hygroscopic, which means it draws moisture from the air and begins to ferment. For this reason, the jar should always be tightly closed. However, this fermentation process, intentionally brought about, transforms the honey into a new stimulant: mead, i.e. honey wine.

In addition, when choosing the right storage location for honey, you should make sure that it is not directly next to odorous foods. Because if the jar is not hermetically sealed, the honey can easily take on the smell and taste of cheese, coffee or herbs.