What are the benefits of business listings

New feature creates automatic business entries for your company

Most customers search the Internet for a store, restaurant, or company first. That is why it is so important that information such as contact details, opening times and a brief description of your business are always up-to-date anywhere on the Internet.

However, entering and updating on different platforms can be a real time waster. That's why we're introducing you to the new industry entries (for Grow and Unlimited) today:

You enter your business information directly on the dashboard of your website and it will be automaticBusiness listings on more than 10 of the major online directories created - and updated if necessary with just one click!

Business listings: the new generation of the yellow pages

The business listings are a new feature on your Jimdo dashboard. She helps you

1) to be visible with your company in even more places on the net and

2) to keep the information up-to-date everywhere in the network

3) and to improve your SEO through backlinks on the platforms

The industry entries include (in German-speaking countries) more than 15 different platforms such as Google Maps, Google My Business, Bing, Facebook and Foursquare or TomTom.

You can present your company, including logos and photos, as a brand and thus have a uniform and unmistakable presence on every platform. Add special opening times in case you close earlier over the holidays or want to open on a Sunday.

The new feature was developed by Jimdo together with the “Location Marketing” specialist Uberall.

The new feature is integrated in the unlimited package or can be added as an extra to the grow package at Jimdo Dolphin to be added:

  1. Log in to your website and openDashboard> Business listings
  2. Enter your company information and clickUpdate all platforms
  3. Lean back, because we automatically update your information on all platforms!

What are the benefits of business listings for my company?

Business listings can support you in online marketing in many ways:

  • Meet the right customers. Become more visible for your customers by finding your company on Facebook and Google, but also in local “business directories”.
  • Improve your SEO. Complete and uniform information is an important ranking factor for search engines.
  • Get backlinks. If popular online platforms that get a lot of traffic refer to your website with links, Google will rate this as positive for your ranking
  • Saves time. With automatic business entries you can manage your company's information centrally. So you save a lot of small-scale work on different platforms.
  • Increase your sales. By helping your customers find your business easily, you will attract more visitors to your website who will buy or book something.
  • Simple correction. You can update your information at any time or correct errors very easily.

Can I see how often my business listings are seen?

Yes! With theIndustry listing statistics you can easily see how many people found you on which platform. So you can see at a glance how well the industry listings have contributed to your success!

For example, if a lot of visitors come to your website through Google, your site's SEO is probably working very well. If you get a lot of traffic through Facebook, this could be a stimulus for you to further develop your social media strategy.

You can find these numbers on your dashboard under Statistics> Business listings.

Regardless of whether you update your business listings automatically via your dashboard or manually:

The most important thing is that you keep an overview and that all data is always consistent and up-to-date. With the new industry listings, it's now easier than ever!

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