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The top 5 tips for the best steak
  1. Don't buy a steak for less than 20 euros per kilo. Good meat quality has its price. The most expensive steak in the world comes from the Japanese Kobe Wagyu beef (150-300 euros per kilo).
  2. The perfect steak should have the perfect grain.
  3. Three to five centimeters is the ideal thickness for steaks.
  4. Only fry the steak in a really hot pan, otherwise it will simmer in its own juice and become tough and dry.
  5. Salt the meat just before it goes into the pan. But only pepper when the roasting phase is complete.
The funniest food holidays
  1. Ice cream for breakfast day: Yes, this day really does exist! Thanks to this special holiday, ice cream is officially allowed for breakfast on every first Saturday in February.
  2. No Dirty Dishes Day: This strange holiday on May 18th is not a 24-hour washing-up marathon. On the contrary: it is a day when you are not allowed to use any dishes. So enjoy finger food or eat out on this date.
  3. Invite-your-webmaster-to-eat-a-day: On July 6th it is time for a big thank you to the webmaster, who has certainly already saved your life. At the time when you slipped into his office with your head hanging and the "I think I deleted the Internet" slogan.

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