What does BFF

What does BFF mean? Meaning and definition of the abbreviation


The abbreviation "BFF" can be quickly and easily integrated into everyday Internet life on Facebook or Instagram. We'll tell you the meaning and how you can use the abbreviation.

What does "BFF" mean? Definition and explanation

The abbreviation BFF is an acronym from the English language, so each letter is the first letter of its own word B-F-F stands for "Best Friends Forever", which means "Best Friends Forever". So you are expressing that you and the person you call the BFF have a lifelong friendship. For everyone who can use the abbreviation BFF, you can certainly also use the abbreviation "XOXO".

So if you write to someone else about your best friend, you can use the abbreviation to make it clear that this person is very important to you. For example: "Meet Sina, my BFF afterwards". BFF is also a popular hashtag on Instagram, so if you're out with your best friends, you can always write #BFF.

Abbreviation "BFF": This is how you use them

It can be even shorter. From time to time BFF itself is only abbreviated as BF, ie "best friend (s)". However, you have to be careful because BF could also be short for "Boyfriend". For this you can better use "Bae". Or you expand the abbreviation and write "BFFL", which stands for "Best Friend for Life". It doesn't matter whether you write the abbreviation in uppercase or lowercase.

The acronym can be quickly and easily integrated into everyday life. You are currently going to a party and have your best friend with you. Someone is wondering who that person is. Then you just write: "This is my BFF". Or you just upload a photo of your joint ventures on platforms like Facebook or Instagram and below you write: "On the way with my BFF". But be careful! Don't forget on the way to the party: BYOB.

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