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Studying medicine in Ukraine is one of the good options that you can consider. In fact, Ukraine is one of the European countries that adheres to the standards of higher education in the European continent and has been recognized by many European countries. In this article, we are giving you a complete guide to studying medicine in Ukraine in 2020.

Choosing a medical specialty gives you the opportunity, in addition to a good level of education, to benefit from the academic and material advantages of Ukrainian universities.

Ukraine can be considered one of the suitable destinations if you are looking for quality education and flexibility in acceptance at reasonable tuition fees.

Takes a Term Medical Studies in Ukraine Study System There is a clear guideline for international students pursuing a medical specialty. It also offers the opportunity to study in various medical fields at its universities.

Duration of study for medical-medical specialties

allow Ukrainian universities to obtain a bachelor's degree in medicine within 5 to 6 years. This degree is equivalent to the Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery, known in the UK as MBBS.

The number of years of medical studies in Ukraine varies depending on the specialization:

  • General medicine (doctoral degree) - 6 years
  • Dentistry (dentist certification) - 5 years
  • Pediatrics (medical certificate) - 6 years old
  • Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy) - 5 years

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Medical courses offered at Ukrainian universities and medical colleges follow the European Higher Education Area and the European Commission system. 46 European countries follow this system in order to achieve certain educational goals.

One of the advantages of this education system is the possibility of further studying and entering the labor market in other European countries belonging to the same European higher education area.

Therefore, you can expect Ukraine in Ukraine to have a similar level of education compared to most European countries, and also to benefit from the advantages of the European education system.

Study conditions

Ukrainian universities and medical colleges set various conditions for your admission. Here are the main admission requirements for Ukrainian medical universities:

  • Secondary school diploma, high school diploma, UK certificate or equivalent
  • High scores in 5 academic subjects related to the subject you wish to study including English.
  • A copy of the international passport with a validity period of at least one year and preferably two years or more.
  • A copy of the birth certificate.
  • You are not older than 30 years.
  • Prepaid fees of up to $ 400 for a letter the invitation and the visa letter ...
  • Unlike a number of other countries, as a medical student you do not have to pass an exam for admission. This may be one of the reasons why some of the international students apply to Ukrainian medical schools.

The language of study

Ukrainian medical universities offer international students the opportunity to study in three languages:

  • English
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian

Medical universities in Ukraine

Ukraine has a group of medical schools that welcome international students from around the world and offer courses of study that rise to the level of European higher education.

Below is a lot of information about Ukrainian medical universities:

Karazin Kharkiv National University

One of the most famous universities of Kharkiv in Ukraine as it played a huge role in the development of the city as a study destination in Ukraine.

This university has a number of international students pursuing medical degrees such as general medicine, graduate studies, and specialization in medicine.

Link to the University's website for VN Karazin Kharkiv

Kharkiv National Medical University

Kharkiv National Medical University It is one of the most famous Ukrainian universities in the world, a member of the International Association of Universities and an official partner of UNESCO.

The university offers several majors, including general medicine, pediatrics, preventive medicine, and dentistry.

Kharkiv University website link

Bogomolets National Medical University

Bogomolets National University is one of the best universities with excellent medical institutes, which has a good reputation in Ukraine and Europe.

The university attracts international students with degrees in MBBS, BDS, MD, MDS, MS and Nursing.

Donetsk National Medical University

As one of the most famous universities in Ukraine, it offers several educational specializations:

  • Pediatrics.
  • Dentist.
  • Compensation.
  • Maintenance.
  • general health.
  • Masters course.
  • Preparatory Sections.

Kiev Medical University UAFM

A private university in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. The university has more than 1,100 students and is recognized by many medical institutions.

The university includes many avenues of medical education:

  • General medicine.
  • Dentist.
  • Compensation.
  • Preparatory Sections.

Private universities in Ukraine

Despite the availability of private medical universities in Ukraine, public universities remain the best option for many. This is due to a number of differences that you can consider as a future international medical student in Ukraine.

On the one hand, Ukrainian public universities receive physical and educational support from the Ukrainian government. This contributes to the fact that medical studies are available at very low rates compared to other countries.

The fact that these universities do not impose difficult conditions or difficult entrance exams is an added benefit that can only be understood by those who have previously taken medical school entrance exams.

On the other hand, Ukrainian private universities - which follow the profit principle - may not find the same quality of education even if they ask you to pass the entrance exam.

However, we remember some of these private colleges. Their prices vary depending on the reputation and seniority of these private universities.

Among the Ukrainian private universities offering avenues to study medicine:

Croke College

It is one of the first private educational institutes in Ukraine to receive the highest academic accreditation. In addition, in 2015 it was awarded the prize for the best private institute in Ukraine.

The college offers international and domestic students access to a variety of educational pathways, including psychology and nursing.

tuition fee

Perhaps the most important advantage of Ukraine is the ability to study at affordable prices compared to other countries. So Ukraine may be your first choice if you are looking for the best countries that offer low prices to study medicine.

Although tuition fees differ from university to university, the difference is not significant. The price for the first year ranges from $ 3,000 to $ 7,000 depending on the university or college where you are studying medicine in Ukraine.

The total cost of studying medicine and earning a bachelor's degree in Ukrainian medical schools ranges from $ 28,000 to $ 40,000.

Most Ukrainian medical schools tend to set the $ 4000 price as the annual price for international medical students that goes up or down from one university to another.

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Free scholarships for medical studies in Ukraine

No Ukrainian medical university offers scholarships or free tuition because it is subsidized by the state and offers very low tuition fees.

So as an international student, you have to pay for all of your expenses.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of learning medicine in Ukraine is very low and affordable compared to many other countries.

After graduation, work as a doctor in Ukraine

Ukraine is a destination for many international students to study medicine as their degrees are internationally recognized.

If you are studying medicine in Ukraine and you have a PhD from a Ukrainian university, you can apply for a job in Ukraine.

Getting a job as a doctor in Ukraine is not difficult as Ukrainian medical degrees are also accepted in Ukraine and abroad.

This means that you can apply to be a doctor in Ukraine and in many other countries around the world.


Ukraine would be a good choice for students who want to study medicine with a high level of education and flexibility in entry requirements. Plus the reasonable cost of studying.

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