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Holidays with baby - which are the most beautiful travel destinations?

Holidays with toddlers - our tips for the most beautiful holiday destinations

“Vacation with baby - just where?” I also asked myself this question - almost 11 years ago for the first time - when we were about to go on holiday with a 1-year-old baby. Everything that occurred to me so spontaneously suddenly no longer seemed a good idea: a short trip to Barcelona with mild party nights ?! A last-second flight to South America with your backpack ?! Climbing mountain peaks in Nepal? All of that makes little sense with a baby in tow. What now - where to travel with a baby? Only Harz, Baltic Sea and Austria ?! Despair spread. Or should we wait to travel until Mrs. Little Travel Junior is one or, better, two years old? The whispered sentences of some couples of friends - “Well, that would be too stressful for ME. And then the baby gets sick ... ”- but we couldn't scare us off and we dared - and we love it! Incidentally, we have learned three things in particular in recent years with 1-3 babies in our luggage:

1. Bavarian farms, seaside resorts and Harz mountains are no longer boring nowadays, but can be mega cool and chic - times are just changing!
2. Babies open the hearts of all people and in most countries - especially those far away - even faster than in Germany.
3. Babies have bad days. But it is more pleasant to spend time on the sandy beach under palm trees than in the local supermarket.

Traveling with babies is great! Be it in Germany, on Mallorca or in more distant regions. We tried all versions and tell you which travel destinations are particularly fun with babies, but also what risks there are. Here we go….

Vacation with baby in Germany - practical and not a bit stuffy

Hand on heart: Even parents of a baby who have traveled far and wide are usually too tired for big adventures. How tempting is it to simply pack the stroller, luggage and baby into the car and unpack it again after a 2-5 hour drive in front of the hotel door. During a holiday with a baby in Germany, you don't even have to google what burp cloth means in English or try 10 baby porridges until the offspring finally stops spitting you out. There is something! In addition, Germany in particular has great hotels for children and even babies that are geared towards the minis from head to toe. High chairs, cots, baby care, homemade baby food to order - German hosts have thought of everything! And: Stuffy “room-free” pensions with bad food, sad zoos and boring beaches with currywurst stalls - that was it! No wonder, therefore, that in recent years German families have been spending more and more vacations in their own country (34% of Germans in 2017) - vacations with babies in Germany are all the rage! Our hit list of the German travel destinations with baby follows here.

Holidays with baby by the sea - why wander into the distance when the Baltic Sea is so close!

The Baltic Sea is one of the favorite travel destinations of German families. Rightly so! Because it is only a stone's throw from Hamburg and Berlin to Timmendorfer Strand and the Baltic Sea coast often has a shallow entrance into the water and beautiful wide sandy beaches. And above all, the region is incredibly diverse! If you don't want to miss out on cool beach bars, shopping and people watching on your holiday with your baby, you are in good hands in Hamburg's bathtub - the Bay of Lübeck (Niendorf, Timmendorfer Strand, Scharbeutz and Neustadt). If you are looking for pure nature and tranquility, you are in the right place further east. Because in the border area with Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the GDR government walled up the border. The section from Privall to Boltenhagen is therefore today an untouched nature reserve with deserted beaches and sleepy hinterland. What is not always ideal with babies on vacation, because you will look in vain for beach chairs on some sections of the beach. Incidentally, GDR tourism was concentrated on the eastern coasts such as Rügen, Hiddensee, Prepow and Usedom - beautiful lakeside promenades are still evidence of this today. In addition, some old health resorts, which were previously a bit dreary, are becoming real “places to be” for young families - such as the up-and-coming Heiligenhafen. Here you live right on the beach in the cool Hampton-style holiday apartment and then drink a cocktail on “Deck 7” to chilled music while the youngsters dig in the white sand. In the evening, the baby in the sling is off to the Full Moon Party. The coastal region is also ideally suited to families. Even in rainy weather you won't get bored. Then it just stands Ostsee-Therme in Scharbeutz, Stroking rays im Sea Life Aquarium at Timmendorfer Strand or Haigucken im Meerzeszentrum on Fehmarn on the program. You can find more tips for a Baltic Sea holiday with a child in the blog post.

North Sea vacation with baby - which island do we take ?!

The North Sea is a wonderful vacation spot for families - just the good air, the mudflat hikes and the cute seals! The cool one Sankt-Peter-Ording - or quite casual SPO - is now attracting not only the surfing scene, but also more and more families. The sandy beach is infinitely long and wide and the pier is an experience. You can even watch a seal being fed. Also Cuxhaven with the zoo in Wingst and the excursion possibilities by ship to Helgoland is a Dream destination with baby. And then there are the many beautiful North Sea islands with their short distances - perfect for stroller mums and dads! For example the little Föhr, but also Sylt is not only “in”, but also super family-friendly (but not cheap!). Only Pellworm doesn't really make sense with baby - there is no sandy beach here. But we still have one tip: it is well known that the air in the North Sea (and the Baltic Sea) is particularly healthy for the respiratory tract - salt, iodine and trace elements instead of pollutants and pollen are buzzing in the air here. However, some babies - especially small and sensitive - find it difficult to make the change in the beginning and are therefore a bit uncomfortable for the first few days. You should also protect the small ears well. Therefore: We would spend two weeks for one North Sea vacation with baby plan in advance so that your Mini can get used to the stimulating climate. The best way to find out which North Sea island is the most beautiful and what else there is to do with a baby on the North Sea is in our blog posts.

Holidays in Bavaria with baby - farm and shopping

Holidays in Bavaria with a baby offer a best-of-mix, in my opinion. But as a native of Munich, I'm admittedly not entirely neutral either. But the fact is that my white and blue home has a lot to offer for a family vacation: You have the mountains, secluded beer gardens and crystal clear lakes such as Lake Starnberg, Lake Chiemsee or Lake Tegernsee. And of course the state capital Munich with its English Garden and the beautiful old buildings and churches (and the Bussi-Bussi society, which can be very amusing to watch with a bit of humor). You can therefore wonderfully combine hiking and swimming with sightseeing and shopping. Perhaps you are now thinking: “Hiking with a baby !? Does that make sense? ”- Yes, absolutely! Because the minis won't complain at every step like the big ones and often feel right at home in their high seat in the Kraxn! Use your opportunity - I advise you as a mom of school children. And what was also a lot of fun with slightly larger babies in rural Bavaria: Holidays on the farm! Because animals usually love even the smallest ones. And in Bavaria in particular, many farms have made themselves particularly attractive for young families with babies in recent years and have invested in stylish new apartments. Of course, everything with the maximum baby equipment!

Holidays in the Harz Mountains with small children - an up-and-coming region in the heart of Germany

Hamburgers only need 3.5 hours to get to the Harz Mountains, from Berlin and the Ruhr area it looks similar. The Harz is just super convenient in the middle of Germany. Optimal for one Vacation with baby in the Harz Mountains. And it's more alpine than you might think. After all, the famous Hexenberg - the Brocken - is the fourth highest mountain in Germany at 1111 meters - and unbelievably high compared to the hilly hills of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern of only 100-200 meters. In addition, the Harz region - which was divided into East and West Harz until reunification - has recently been heavily invested in tourism projects. The region is therefore becoming increasingly popular, especially with young families with babies who like to be outdoors. Because many of the new attractions are baby and Suitable for prams. The swing adventure on the second longest rope suspension bridge in the world above the Rappbodetalsperre can also be accessed with a pram, for example. Even the new treetop path in Bad Harzburg is no problem with prams. And on the Brocken - according to legend, the epicenter of the world of witches - a cozy steam train takes you from Schierke - the "Brocken Railway" (although fog usually awaits you up there). And despite all the enthusiasm, we don't want to hide one thing: The Harz Mountains are only just really developing. While tourists gather in Wernigerode, Quedlinburg or Braunlage and stroll through beautiful old towns, the world often looks completely different in the smaller towns. The atmosphere here is sometimes a bit dreary whipped cream and filter coffee. But - it will! If you want to know more, read our blog post Harz with children.

Vacation with baby on Mallorca - preferably in autumn

There are inexpensive direct flights from most German cities to the Germans' favorite island - you can be there in just two hours! And Mallorca is not so popular with German families for nothing - many beautiful flat beaches and bays, infrastructure and medical care are excellent. Many people on Mallorca even speak German - this can be very helpful when visiting the doctor with a baby. Here too, however, the following applies: In summer, the island gets crowded, hot and expensive! We therefore like the autumn on Mallorca best - the sea is then still warm enough for swimming and the beach-lying season even goes until November. You can find tips on beaches, playgrounds and children's cafes here.

Traveling with a baby in Europe - Italy, Holland, Portugal and Co.

In Europe there are of course many beautiful travel destinations that you can travel to with minis. Where do you start? Therefore we simply put the top 3 of ours here for you Favorite travel destinations with babies in Europe in front. Holland because it is so nice and flat and close from the west of the republic! Italybecause it tastes better here than anywhere else and children are always welcome. And Portugal, because it is rightly the new trend travel destination in Europe for families with babies:

  • Holland with baby: From Cologne, you can take the train to our friendly neighboring country in just 2 hours. From Berlin it is only a 1.5 hour direct flight to Amsterdam. And Holland, which has a much higher birth rate than Germany, is one of the most child-friendly countries in the world! The paths are short, cycle paths wide and flat and you can combine beautiful baby-friendly beaches with city sightseeing in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht. There are a few more tips for families in our blog post Holland with children.
  • Italy with baby: Bella Italia! You can get to Lake Garda in just 5-6 hours from Munich and into German-speaking South Tyrol you only need 2-3 hours by car. And behind the burner everything is somehow more relaxed and, above all, tastes better. Fresh mountain air in South Tyrol and Kasnockn on the Alm or beach feeling on “Lago di Monaco” - as the people of Munich affectionately call the lake. If you dare to fly: There are cheap flights to Puglia as well as to Mallorca and down here in the heel of your boots you can get to know the real Italy. And bambini are always welcome here!
  • Portugal: This charming little neighbor of Spain is just being discovered by many German families! Especially in the south of the sandy Algarve there are pretty offshore islands that offer flat shores on the land side without dangerous currents. One of the beaches there can even be reached with an open tourist train across the marshland! In addition, Portugal is not quite as crowded and expensive in the high season as Spain and Italy and the Portuguese are the most child-loving people! You can find a few tips for your Portugal vacation with baby here.

Long-distance travel and flying with babies - is that necessary?

Doesn't have to be, but it's a great adventure! Even if the long flight with a whimsy baby can be a test of nerves - then everything is forgotten at the latest on the white sandy beach! And there are a few countries and regions that are particularly good for one Adventure light with baby own, since the health care is good and there are hardly any toxic or dangerous substances in flora and fauna. Because you still have time to discover all the other beautiful places in our colorful world.

  • USA and Canada: The USA and Canada are nice destinations for families with babies, because you can communicate well and our culture, food and customs are similar. Motorhome trips are also popular with German families. What you should know, however: Breastfeeding in public is not welcome here and you definitely need an electronic passport with a chip for the USA - also for the baby.
  • Thailand: The Thais are extremely friendly and polite - especially if you are traveling with a baby. The infrastructure is very good, as is the medical care. Thailand is therefore not without good reason as a very safe travel destination Number one of the favorite long-haul travel destinations for German families. Unfortunately, dengue fever, which can be transmitted by diurnal mosquitoes, is also on the rise in Thailand. And the usual DEET-containing tropical mosquito sprays are not suitable for children under 2 years of age. A good alternative, which you can also buy directly in Thailand, are stickers based on citronella, which you stick on the back of the Minis.
  • Bali: Bali is a dream travel destination for families with babies! Because toddlers are literally carried on hands here - for religious reasons they are not allowed to touch the ground in the first year. A nice way to spend your vacation in Bali are the so-called “Serviced Villas” - villas in which you will be cooked and served - and that is not as priceless as it sounds. Bali is also defacto free of malaria, but is increasingly struggling with dengue fever.
  • Mauritius, La Reunion and Seychelles: These three African islands in the Indian Ocean combine everything that makes a trip with a baby perfect. The islands are well tempered all year round and the time difference is only two to three hours. Neither dangerous animals nor malaria are an issue. All three islands have the lowest crime rate in Africa and beautiful sandy beaches. But: Unfortunately, so much dream vacation has its price. It won't be a cheap vacation!
  • Maldives: The Maldives are a super group of islands suitable for children off Sri Lanka. The resort islands are incredibly expensive, however, and are often reserved for couples. Since 2015, however, you can also stay in guest houses on the local islands, which are simpler and cheaper. If you choose the right island (our tip: Ukulhas) the beaches and snorkeling spots are just as beautiful, just a lot cheaper. However, there is one thing you should know: alcohol is forbidden in this Muslim country (except on the resort islands).
  • Costa Rica: Costa Rica is often called the Switzerland of Central America because it is a very safe country. Here you can watch turtles laying eggs at night, watch a partially active volcano and hang out on the beach. By the way, the “Ticos” are super chilled - especially with children. Nobody gets upset about crying babies! Most areas of Costa Rica are also malaria free. Unfortunately, however, the Zika virus is also up to mischief here - pregnant women should therefore avoid Costa Rica. In small children and babies, however, the course is usually harmless.

Traveling with baby and dog

If you are not only traveling with a baby but also with a dog - things often get complicated. Because now it is important to find countries and accommodations in which your four-legged friend is also welcome. By the way, you don't have to travel far for a dog-friendly holiday - Germany, Switzerland and Austria are considered to be the animal-loving countries with the most dog-friendly accommodations. Especially at the North Sea and Baltic Sea you are with baby and dog in good hands - there are even extra sections of the beach where your fur noses are allowed. By the way, Great Britain is also considered dog-friendly. Only the strict entry regulations can rob you of your last nerve! Your dog needs a microchip, has to be vaccinated against rabies and has to have been treated against tapeworms 5 days before the trip. The island protects itself.In contrast, inEastern Europe and the Mediterranean countries You should definitely find out whether your four-legged friends are welcome in the hotel before traveling with your baby and dog. That is not always a matter of course here. By the way, if you are still looking for a home with baby and dog for your winter vacation, you will find it in our blog post winter vacation with child and dog. Most of these accommodations in Austria, Switzerland and Germany are also suitable for hiking holidays in summer and autumn. And in our search you can filter our hotels by “Baby & Toddler” and “Dogs Welcome”.

If you are looking for more tips on passports, flights and packing lists for traveling with babies, take a look at our blog post Traveling with babies - tips and checklists! No matter where you end up - the first vacation with the baby is something very special. They grow up so fast! Use the time in which they can follow you everywhere with ease!

Sonja wrote this blog post. She is the founder of Little Travel Society, a handpicked collection of family-friendly accommodations, and lives in Munich with her three daughters and husband. She loves traveling - with and without a child she has been to exotic places like Iran, Bangladesh or Mexico, but is also a fan of the Austrian and Bavarian mountains. She always likes to share her experiences with 3 minis in her luggage on her blog.

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