How is Hong Kong for business

Tips for business trips to Hong Kong

Trade is characteristic of the economic structure of the metropolis on China's south coast. Almost every second employee is employed in this area and related services such as finance, logistics and other commercial services.

The city is also an important one for German and other foreign companies Gateway to the Chinese market. Germany and Hong Kong recently had a trade volume of 7.6 billion euros. Around 600 German companies have branches in the metropolis. If you want to do business there, you shouldn't leave anything to chance.

Systematic preparation, which can take up to three quarters or more of the total time invested, are critical to a successful deal. Cooperation is unusual or even impossible without getting to know each other. It is important to create a basis of trust as a basis for doing business.

Tips and taboos for business trips to Hong Kong

Dress: Western clothing is the norm. Men should wear a dark suit, women a dark suit. Clean shoes are also important.

Punctuality: According to the motto “Time is money”, you are expected to arrive on time.

Greeting: You shake hands, but don't squeeze too hard. Business cards should be written in Chinese on one side and the supply should not be too small.

negotiations: Controversial discussions and monologues should be avoided. Listening and asking questions is a better way to get into conversation and, in the end, into business.

Taboos: The relationship with mainland China should not be addressed.