Who is the richest video game character

The richest characters from film and television

We tapped multiple sources to create the slightly different leaderboard for the super-rich. The top earner is, you will see in a moment, a well-known uncle from Duckburg. Will there also be a lottery winner? See for yourself!

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1. How rich is Uncle Scrooge? News from Duckburg. 58 billion euros!

Coming from the simplest of backgrounds, he went from shoeshine to billionaire. His money storage is legendary, every child knows his dives in it today.

What does Uncle Scrooge spend his money on?

He doesn't buy a lot, otherwise he would probably never have taken the top spot. Instead, he sticks to his possessions, especially his first lucky ten.

2. How rich was Smaug the dragon? The Hobbit. 55.8 billion euros!

The old dragon Smaug first took Esgaroth and then also secured the dwarf gold treasures of the Lonely Mountain.

What did Smaug spend his money on?

What does a dragon need? Not much, instead he preferred to sleep on a bed of precious stones and gold for over 200 years. Good night!

3. How rich is Carlisle Cullen? The Twilight Saga. 41.4 billion euros!

In the 1960s, Italian friends gave him some money. He invested skillfully and as a vampire can probably benefit from powerful possessions for the longest. Immortality can be so beautiful.

What does Carlisle Cullen spend his money on?

Well, if you don't have to eat, drink or go to the doctor, then there's a lot left for other nice things - cars, houses and whatever the rich vampire next door needs.

4. How rich is Tony Stark? Iron man. 11.2 billion euros!

Take over "Stark Industries" and pay the life of a superhero with the profit. Tony Stark shows how to do it.

What does Tony Stark spend his money on?

For more than $ 100 million, he changed his clothes and the start was made. On top of that there is a mega property to finance your own laboratory and exclusive cars.

5. How rich was Charles Foster Kane? Citizen Kane.10.1 billion euros!

His family literally came across a gold vein and became super rich as a result. A life of luxury began.

What did Charles Foster Kane spend his money on?

He raised a substantial sum to purchase "The New York Inquirer". Despite being forced to sell during the Great Depression, he was able to keep a large part of his assets until his death.

6. How rich is Bruce Wayne? Batman. 8.3 billion euros!

Heir to Wayne Enterprises, with an estimated annual turnover of more than $ 31 billion, Bruce Wayne's life of wealth began at the tender age of 8.

What does Bruce Wayne spend his money on?

It seems like it is quite expensive to finance life as Batman. House and yard are the beginning, but the vehicle fleet is certainly the icing on the cake of his property - including the legendary Batmobile.

7. How rich is Richie Rich? Richie rich. 5.1 billion euros!

The name is program. Richard Rich Sr. bequeathed the company "Rich Industries" to his son Richie. So it's no wonder that billions flow.

What does Richie Rich spend his money on?

He enjoys the luxury, even if one can argue about whether an in-house McDonalds restaurant is really worth striving for. Mount Richmore, modeled on Mount Rushmore, was without a doubt the most notable investment.

8. How rich is Christian Gray? Fifty Shades of Gray. 2.2 billion euros!

After his late mother's friend sent him $ 100,000, Christian Gray founded "Gray Enterprises Holding Inc.". Not a bad idea considering he's now making $ 100,000 an hour.

What does Christian Gray spend his money on?

Cars, houses, helicopters and sex toys, whatever you buy as the figure of a supposed dime novel.

9. How rich was Tywin Lannister? Game of Thrones. 1.6 billion euros!

As head of the mighty House of Lannister and Lord of Casterlystein, life was quite good. The numerous gold mines owned by his family helped enormously - if only it weren't for all the intrigues.

What did Tywin Lannister spend his money on?

Preservation of power goes into the wallet, if anyone knows, then old Tywin. Since a Lannister basically has to pay all debts, his expenses were actually quite high.

10. How rich is Mister Burns? The simpsons. 1.3 billion euros!

He's not the first character on our list who grew up a poor eater and is now one of our elite. A billionaire adoption can work wonders. Then studied at Yale and bought a nuclear power plant, and the done man is ready. Even Homer Simpson rarely makes his soup too salty.

What does Mister Burns spend his money on?

Doctor visits, surgeries, and medication are likely to make up a significant portion of his expenses by the age of 118. In addition, some meanness towards the residents of Springfield has to be financed.

11. How rich is Walden Schmidt?Two and a Half Man. 11.7 million euros!

He became a millionaire at 19 and millions more would follow. Walden's account balance grew particularly with the sale of his internet company. But despite his wealth, he will probably never really be able to replace Charlie Harper.

What does Walden Schmidt spend his money on?

A house on “Malibu Beach” is expensive, as is an ex-wife. If a strange fellow named Alan is up to mischief as a roommate, not that much is left.

12. How rich is Lara Croft? Tomb Raider. 11.7 million euros!

The short answer is as rich as Walden Schmidt. As the heir of a rich family, she is now hunting down villains and uncovering secrets of long-forgotten cultures.

What does Lara Croft spend her money on?

Actually, she's doing it just right. One world trip after the other and then head home with gold treasures and old artifacts in your luggage. Nevertheless, numerous opponents, traps and forces of nature cause her many a headache. But we're always with you, Lara. Do not give up!

13. How rich is Mr. Monopoly? Monopoly. 10.8 million euros!

A little luck of the dice is always part of it, but life as a hotel owner seems to be excellent. You just need a good knack for the hottest addresses. That seems to have Mr. Monopoly.

What does Mr. Monopoly spend his money on?

More hotels mean more money. That's his motto and that's why he's always looking for new investments. Even a few unwanted invoices don't bother you on the way. At the end of the day you pull over again anyway.

14. How rich is Lady Mary Crawley? Downtown Abbey. 9.9 million euros!

First inherit a lot, then marry a rich man. Lady Crawley pretty much got it right. Then she's allowed to hit something on the head again.

What does Lady Mary Crawley spend her money on?

In other words, what do women like in general? Clichés are gladly served, expensive clothes, sparkling jewelry and shopping tours through London have their price.

15. How rich was Joe Gatsby? The Great Gatsby. 8.9 million euros!

The great Gatsby started very small and dropped out of school at 17. Then he signed on to the millionaire Dan Cody's yacht and finally benefited on a large scale from Prohibition between 1919 and 1933.

What did Joe Gatsby spend his money on?

First for his own home with no less than 22 bedrooms and then for extravagant parties in that same home. The aim of the whole celebration? Conquering the heart of your true love Daisy - that's what you call passion.

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