What little incident taught you a lesson

When this mother found out what her children had done to a woman, she intervened in an incredible way

Teenagers are often stressful for their parents. Kyesha Smith Wood, a mother from the US state of Alabama, probably knows this better than many others. She has a son, a daughter, and a stepdaughter, all of whom are teenagers. She recently dropped the three off at the cinema because they wanted to watch the new Disney film 'Cinderella'. The mother of three had no idea what to expect when she returned.

Because when the three teenagers returned home, Kyesha's son told her that there had been an incident at the cinema. The two girls would have behaved extremely offensive, impolite and disrespectful. They would have particularly disturbed another woman in the cinema who approached the two afterwards. Kyesha then wrote this Facebook post about the incident:

"This may be an unsuccessful attempt, but I am looking for a woman who saw the film 'Cinderella' at 7pm today at the 'Tannehill Premier' cinema. I dropped my daughter, my stepdaughter and my son at the cinema so that they could relax Much to my embarrassment and embarrassment, I later learned from my son that the two girls behaved rude and offensive during the film. The woman I was looking for spoke to them and asked them to be quiet. She told them that they were behaving disrespectfully. After the film, the woman approached the children again and told them that her husband had just lost his job and that this was the last movie she could see with her daughter - and that my daughters would have ruined this for them.

If this is you, please contact me. I can assure you that the girls were taught a lesson and received their punishment. This impossible, terrible, and disrespectful behavior is unacceptable and the two of them owe you an apology. My husband and I will have you write a letter of apology tonight and we would like to use the girls' pocket money to pay for your next visit to the cinema, including snacks. Please send me a message if you are reading this. I want to apologize again for this disrespect.

The mother's mail was shared by the local sheriff's office and garnered a lot of attention in no time. The campaign was a success: the woman we were looking for, Rebecca Boyd, contacted Kyesha. She said the news moved her to tears and showed her that there are still good people in the world. She is proud of Kyesha and her husband and has no bad feelings towards her children. "The girls are not vicious ... they are just kids," said Rebecca. "I'm glad you learned your lesson."

Kyesha is also happy that Rebecca got in touch with her. "She's such a generous, kind, and forgiving woman," says Kyesha. The mother also says that her daughters were absolutely ashamed and will definitely never do something like that again. But the best thing about the whole story? Rebecca's husband even received a new job offer. So the whole thing really has a happy ending!

The whole story in the video:

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