What are all the sex positions

Sex positions of all kinds: The top 5 positions at a glance

Sure, everyone knows the legendary missionary position. But it would be a shame to limit yourself to this one classic when it comes to sex. Fortunately, there are sex positions of all kinds, for all preferences and situations, from romantic to wild, cozy to acrobatic.

There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to lust and passion. Everything that is fun for both partners is allowed. Also with the naming: rider, puppy and 69 position.

Sometimes the names speak for themselves, but not always! Do you know what is hidden behind all the names? We give you a small overview of the most famous sex positions.

Sex positions of all kinds: these are the evergreens

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1. The missionary position

Description: The great classic among the sex positions, and the most natural position in the world that is only practiced by humans: the partner with her legs spread apart on her back, the partner lies over her and penetrates her. He supports himself with his knees or elbows so that it doesn't become too heavy for them.

The pleasure factor: The man has more of the missionary position than the woman, because here he has everything under control: the rhythm or the intensity of the penetration and the angle of penetration of the penis. The partner has little room for maneuver. However, she can help with pelvic and leg movements to better stimulate the clitoris.

Conclusion: For her, the missionary position is not necessarily the best path to sexual ecstasy - unless she knows how to use it properly!

Advantages: This position is ideal for a romantic couple because you can hug and communicate easily with each other. Both bodies come into contact with each other "along their entire length", the lovers lie opposite each other, can look each other in the eye and kiss passionately. Simple and natural. An ideal position for the first time.

Disadvantage: The missionary position is often criticized as being too monotonous and boring. Therefore, you cling to the negative image of "routine sex" or "effortless love". Wrongly! It is enough to bring a little imagination into the game:

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2. The equestrian position

Description: This is where the key to female dominance lies! The partner lies on her back, she sits - in a typical equestrian position - on him. When she lies over him with her whole upper body, it is called the amazon pose.

The term goes back to an ancient legend: The dominant women people of the Amazons allegedly lay forward while riding and wrapped themselves around the horse's neck.

The pleasure factor: It is not without reason that this position is often recommended to women as the best of all sex positions for experiencing a vaginal orgasm. Because here she gives the command and determines her posture, the angle of penetration, the depth of penetration and the rhythm of movement.

In addition, the front area of ​​the vagina is particularly aroused in this sex position. Therefore, the equestrian position is a good way to stimulate the G-spot.

Advantages: The partner has both hands free and can therefore caress the breasts, bottom or clitoris of his loved one at the same time while she "rides" on him. This position also helps to delay the male climax. Ideal to make the moment of pleasure a little longer to enjoy.

And especially useful if he tends to ejaculate a little too quickly (premature ejaculation).
No wonder that the equestrian position is one of the absolute favorite positions among men.

Disadvantage: Many men enjoy realizing their erotic submission fantasy. But there are also men who are less comfortable with the idea of ​​being dominated by a woman. In this case, some persuasive skills may be required to make the partner appreciate the benefits of the equestrian position.

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3. The doggy position

Description: The doggy position is perceived by some as animalistic because the woman kneels on all fours and the man penetrates her from behind. This position appears in numerous sex fantasies, especially in men. It belongs to the so-called a-tergo positions (sexual intercourse from behind).

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The pleasure factor: The doggy position allows very deep penetration. Depending on the desired angle of penetration, slightly lateral penetration, from above or below, is also possible. Therefore, this sex technique can produce very different feelings of pleasure.

Advantages: The man can easily reach the clitoris with his hands during penetration, thereby increasing his partner's sexual pleasure. But he can also let his hands wander over her entire body.

Disadvantage: The romantics are usually less enthusiastic about this "copulation technique" because it does not allow eye contact. Caution: Too hard (and too deep) penetration when doggy style can be painful for women.

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4. The spoon position

Description: Both partners lie side by side, like two spoons in a cutlery tray. The man hugs the woman's back and inserts the penis into the vagina from behind. The spoon position is also an a-tergo variant of the sex positions.

The pleasure factor: Similar to the doggy position, the spoon position also allows deeper penetration into the vagina, which is very arousing for both partners. Since both bodies touch each other from head to toe and are "nested" like an embrace, a very intimate union is created.

Advantages: The position is very relaxing and particularly suitable when both partners are tired. This gentle, slow and tender sex position is also recommended for beginners. And pregnant women also often enjoy the spoon position because they are not restricted by their big belly.

Disadvantage: You have to have a weakness for quiet caresses. If you like it dynamic and impetuous when it comes to sex, you should avoid the spoon position!

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5. The 69 position

Description: The famous number 69 symbolizes how the partners are positioned to each other during sexual intercourse: namely the other way around, with the head at the partner's feet, either both lying on their sides, or one partner on top of the other.

The mouth is level with the partner's genitals and the partners use their mouths to stimulate each other. In short: The 69 position is a form of oral sex in which fellatio (for him) and cunnilingus (for her) are combined.

The pleasure factor: In the 69 position, the partners agree to each other's desire and desire. Everyone caresses the most sensitive parts of the other's body with their lips and tongue. The clitoris, vagina and penis are stimulated at the same time, and the partners share a feeling of intense intimacy.

Advantages: The 69 position is ideal as a foreplay to increase the desire and excitement of both partners.

Disadvantage: The 69 position is unpopular with some because it is not always possible to fully surrender to your own feelings by focusing on your partner's sexual desires.

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