What does police suicide mean


The police must investigate every suicide to rule out the possibility of a crime. The investigators try to collect all important information and pass it on to the public prosecutor. As soon as it is established that the death was not caused by accident or murder, the investigation will be closed. This decision can only be made by the public prosecutor's office, which is why it always takes at least two or three days. As part of the investigation, the following happens: Relatives are asked - mostly at home - about possible causes of a suicide and about the history.

Things like the dead person's diary or a suicide note can be confiscated as evidence. You will get it back after a few days.

Sometimes relatives or friends are asked to identify the body. If you are afraid of this, you can refuse and ask someone else to do it. The corpse is confiscated and you are not allowed to touch or treat it until it is transported to the forensic medicine department. There the body is examined from the outside in any case, but, however, only in exceptional cases, also autopsied in order to rule out a murder. Usually the body is released after three days and you can have it prepared for burial by a funeral home of your choice. Personal items and the clothes of the deceased will be handed over to the relatives at the latest when the investigation is over.