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Almost a year and a half ago, Tesla's plans became known to want to build a huge car factory in the Berlin area. Since then, curious people have been able to take a walk on the site, and since then citizens have spoken on the spot, politicians from Brandenburg. Only one is silent: the US automaker. Inquiries always went unanswered, there is no official statement from Tesla.

The relationship between the Californians and the press is divided. On the one hand, when it comes to marketing, the e-car manufacturer relies on the media to report on it, on the other hand, company boss Elon Musk complains more often about what he believes is too one-sided reporting.


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Last fall, the news even made the rounds that the company had completely closed its PR department. That is not official either. However, in the late summer of 2020, a number of former PR employees left the electric car manufacturer in one fell swoop, like the scene blog Electrek then reported. A source at the highest level has confirmed the end of the department.

"I don't think it was such an offensive move as it looks," says Sascha Mattke. He is a journalist and runs the largest German-speaking Tesla blog Teslamag. He has been reporting on the Californians for many years, but he doesn't have any official contact persons in the company either. "There is a kind of half press department in Europe, but not an official one." The only exception is China, where Tesla operates Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai. There are always press activities there with appearances by press officers. And yet, in the USA and Europe, too, information is constantly leaking through to the media.

This behavior has not harmed Tesla - at least so far. Business is doing well, with the company just reporting profits for the seventh straight quarter. The stock market price has risen significantly, Tesla is considered the most valuable car brand in the world and the vehicles produced are being bought off the production line for the Californians. And there is also no lack of reporting: Whenever someone writes about the company, you can be sure of a high number of clicks.

Right from the start, Tesla was able to rely on its fans, who defend the company and its cars almost religiously. Years ago, recommendations and word of mouth were part of the official marketing strategy, as can be read in the annual reports. The so-called Tesla Owners Club has networked from the beginning and has appeared as a united front to the outside world - also against critics in corresponding internet forums. If Tesla is badly reported anywhere, fans point it out to each other and take the articles and videos apart. That can even call the head of the company to the scene in person.

When ZDF was on the show a few weeks ago Frontal 21 had shortened a tweet by Elon Musk and thus presented it out of context, was commented on and shared so often on Twitter that Musk responded with a "Shame on you, ZDF!"Tweet interfered. When the show picked up the topic again two weeks later, the tweet was then published in its entirety.