What is your message to the world

Your message

How to find out what your message to the world is

In order to become culturally creative, you don't need to be able to paint or draw great, to be able to compose great or to be able to sing great. The important thing is actually your message: What is it that you want to convey to the world in terms of questions, ideas, criticism, inspiration, and thought-provoking? In other words: what is the idea behind your work?


You are what you think what you say

In our everyday life we ​​are so flooded with images, stories and messages from advertising, entertainment and information that we hardly get around to wondering what we actually have to say. We acquire opinions, points of view and statements that we have often not really questioned at all.

It is precisely the opinions, points of view and statements of people with which we identify most. And by saying and doing the same, we can show that we belong to them. That we are just like them.


Thinking for yourself helps

But is that actually true? After all, we are a unique individual with our own feelings, perspectives, experiences and insights. Exactly! And that's why it is good now and then not to choose the practical, fast route and adopt what others have thought in advance, but to use our own thinking apparatus.

P.S .: Adopting what has already been thought can also make sense. Because if you really had to think everything through yourself, you wouldn't get to anything else for all that thinking. It all comes down to finding the areas that are important to you - and that you want to dig deeper into.


Take part: find your message

This is exactly what we invite you to do with this campaign: Take the following four steps and get on the track of what moves you and what you would like to tell the world out there.


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