What's interesting in Charlotte North Carolina

A paradise for nature lovers

Sights and attractions

The state on the east coast of the USA, which is counted as part of the American southern states, impresses above all with its mixture of beautiful nature and miles of sandy beaches, picturesque small towns in breathtaking mountain ranges, lively metropolises and a colonial past.

Great Smoky Mountains
In western North Carolina there is a true paradise for nature lovers: the Great Smoky Mountains, which belong to the Appalachian mountain range, as well as the national park of the same name offer unspoiled nature, beautiful forests and rushing waterfalls, which you can go hiking, walking, horse riding or cycling can experience the 1,300 km long paths. This is also where the Blue Ridge Parkway begins, a wonderful panoramic road along the main ridge of the Appalachian Mountains. During the late summer you can enjoy the fascinating play of colors of the Indian summer on this route. Read on >>

Outer Banks
Endlessly long fine sandy beaches with historic lighthouses, small hidden bays and fishing villages can be found on the Outer Banks, an offshore island chain on the coast. A landmark of North Carolina's Atlantic coast is the legendary Cape Hatteras lighthouse, which is located in the nature reserve of the same name. Although the sea often seems incredibly calm, this belies the treacherous dangers that seafarers were exposed to here: two jet streams collide here and cause torrential currents, storms and hurricanes. The North Carolina coast was often unflatteringly referred to as the “graveyard of the Atlantic”. With its 2,000 sunken ships, the area is particularly interesting for treasure and wreck divers.

The tourist development of the region began with the construction of bridges - especially in the northern part of the Outer Banks. In addition to sun, surfing and sandy beaches, the area also offers family-friendly attractions in Kill Devil Hills. North Carolina's state slogan "First in Flight" recalls the Wright brothers' first successful attempts at flight, which took place here in the sand dunes. The Wright Brothers National Memorial stands at the point where the two flight pioneers completed their first successful powered flight.
Also worth seeing is that of Sir Walter Raleigh founded the first English settlement in North America on Roanoke Island. In 1587 a ship brought more than 100 English colonists - men, women and children - to the island in order to settle here permanently. When the British returned three years later, the former colonists had disappeared without a trace. The mysterious story of the "Lost Colony" is still retold today. Further south - in the port of Manteo - is the Roanoke Island Festival Park with a replica of the first explorer ship.

The romantic town of Beaufort attracts with its historic inns, restaurants and fish markets. The main attraction here is that North Carolina Maritime Museum. Ferries at the docks bring passengers to the deserted sandbanks of the Cape Lookout National Seashore.

Research Triangle Region
The capital Raleigh, together with the university cities of Durham and Chapel Hill, forms a geographical triangle that is also considered the intellectual center of the state. Between these cities lies the joint Research Triangle Park - a research facility for high technology. The region with its urban infrastructure also has some tourist attractions to offer: Raleigh is also known as the "City of Oaks" because of the many oak trees along the streets. In the tranquil inner city, opposite the Greek Revival State Capitol, there are several museums including the North Carolina Museum of Historydealing with the civil war and civil rights movement. A few miles north shows that North Carolina Museum of Arts a collection of sculptures and paintings. Chapel Hill is the most picturesque of the two university cities with the University of North Carolina, the Moorehead Planetarium. Downtown Durham is squeezed between the three-part Duke University campus

North Carolina's close ties to the tobacco industry can be seen in the two large US cigarette brands named after the twin cities. In 1766 Moravian immigrants were the first to settle here. Their descendants proudly celebrate their origins in Old Salem. In the replicated colonial village, employees in historical costumes show traditional activities and tell how the Protestant group from Moravia came to this region. Moravian goods such as lace and pewter jewelry are sold in souvenir shops.

The business district of the city surrounded by mountains Asheville adorn Art Deco buildings from the early 20th century. The city became known nationwide for the Biltmore Estate in the south of the city. George Vanderbilt's villa is built in the French Renaissance style and houses a huge art and sculpture collection with objects from the 18th and 19th centuries and, with its 250 rooms, is the largest residential building in the USA. The magnificent property includes an exquisite luxury restaurant as well as a winery and a magnificent park. Visitors should expect longer waiting times as this property is one of the most visited house museums in the United States, along with the White House and Elvis Graceland.

With more than 400 golf courses, North Carolina is a paradise for all golfers and those who want to become one. The places are as varied as the country itself and are among the most beautiful in North America. Most of them can be found in the Piedmont region, the heart of North Carolina between the mountains and the ocean. North Carolina is best known for the first golf course in the USA developed by Donald Ross, the "Pinehurst No. 2". In 1999 and 2005 the U.S. Open Championships held.

Also in this serene, hilly landscape are many of the state's excellent wineries. A peaceful idyll that is popular with vacationers and locals alike.

Water and motor sports
Due to the numerous lakes and rivers as well as the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina is also a water sports paradise. Nascar, the most popular motor sport in the United States, offers plenty of action, and North Carolina is the cradle of touring car racing, which is why many large Nascar teams are based in Charlotte.

Big cities like Charlotte or picturesque places like Wilmington, Asheville or New Bern invite you to stroll and shop and offer a diverse cultural program, first-class accommodation and excellent restaurants. Culture, cuisine and music are shaped by Indian, African and, above all, southern European influences.
North Carolina has a special appeal for all cinema and TV fans, because famous films and series such as Dirty Dancing, One Tree Hill, Save Haven or the successful film "The Hunger Games" were made here. Many of the local film studios offer tours and a look behind the scenes.

additional Information can be found on the North Carolina website at www.visitnc.com