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Salary after graduation vs. pilot

senco  📅 08.08.2010 17:43:16
Salary after graduation vs. pilot

I've always intended to go to university. Hopefully in two years I will have my Abitur and would like to start studying computer science / electrical engineering / mechanical engineering.

I recently came across the profession of pilot by chance, which I would also love. The starting salary of € 60,000 gross per year alone sounds tempting - and the € 110,000 in a few years' time (source: Lufthansa)

Has anyone ever had experience with it, so do you really earn that much as a pilot? And what about if you decide to study - can you get close to the salary with one field of study? (With how much work experience?)

Thanks in advance,
D.H.A.  📅 08.08.2010 18:58:57
Re: salary after graduation vs. pilot
If at some point you realize that a degree is no guarantee of a high salary, you are already a lot further! The same applies to pilot training.
Benno002  📅 08.08.2010 19:03:14
Re: salary after graduation vs. pilot

to be very clear: NO 99% of the time you won't get the salary of a pilot, no matter what you're studying. Furthermore, as a pilot, if you have 15 years of professional experience, you earn significantly more than € 110,000. At Lh it is an average of € 200,000 per year. Although it has to be said very clearly that Lh is only in 7th place when it comes to the amount of the pilot's salaries. If you go abroad it can be a good 300,000 € (Emirates + no taxes).
As an engineer or computer scientist, you don't have these options. Of course there are exceptions, but there is also a bakery.
As a rule, you get € 40,000 as an entry and then increase to € 80,000 over the course of your professional life, which of course is enough for a good life.
In addition, there is the duration of the training in which you do not earn any money:
Study 4-6 years.
Pilot 2-2.5 years.
This fact is not insignificant when you consider that a pilot has earned a nice € 200,000-€ 300,000 gross until you start as an academic.
Now, of course, the question arises why the pay gap is so significant.
First of all, there aren't that many people who can survive the pilot selection process at Lh or who can pay the money privately for pilot training.
Another significant part can be traced back to the fact that the pilots are very well organized compared to other professional groups such as the engineers. That means they take to the streets when they are not satisfied with their salary, unfortunately the other professional groups do not or only sporadically. For example, an engineer received an average of € 40,000 converted 15 years ago and today he gets the same in spite of an alleged shortage!
So if you have the choice, go for pilot training!
More salary
Short training period
More freetime
derHANS  📅 08.08.2010 19:17:03
Re: salary after graduation vs. pilot
Unfortunately it is too often suggested that it is so easy to become a pilot. However, as I said, you have to a) pass an employment test or b) pay for the expensive training yourself. both not so easy.

AND FURTHERMORE: Who tells you that you will find work for such great companies as LH or Emirates? The other airlines (low-cost airlines !!!) pay much worse and also provide the largest part of the air traffic.
Benno002  📅 08.08.2010 19:25:56
Re: salary after graduation vs. pilot
So I wouldn't put it that way, with Air Berlin, the largest German "low-cost airline", you get 50,000 € to get started and after four years it's already 98,000 €, which I think is not bad either.
And many low-cost airlines belong to a larger parent company, which in turn means a good wage. For example Germanwing which is a 100% Lh subsidiary. From that point of view you always earn a lot more than you do as an academic.
Of course I have to agree with you, you just have to meet the requirements!
senco  📅 08.08.2010 19:41:33
Re: salary after graduation vs. pilot
By D.H.A.If at some point you realize that a degree is no guarantee for a high salary, you are already a lot further! The same applies to pilot training.
No guarantee ... But at least a step in the right direction. Or is it not?

From derHANSAND FURTHERMORE: Who tells you that you will find work for such great companies as LH or Emirates? The other airlines (low-cost airlines !!!) pay much worse and also provide the largest part of the air traffic.
After all, Lufthansa usually offers you a job after your apprenticeship, I've read. But of course that would be a reason to let it go.

Of course, I know that only a small number of applicants make it into training. But now I'm wondering if I should even apply.
Because I actually always liked to "learn" and would therefore also like to study. Also: what do pilots do when they become unemployed? Most of the time, they have not learned anything that they can use in other professions either.

On the other hand, of course, there is the realization of the childhood dream "as a pilot" where one earns so much right away ... To make a decision, if one is accepted, is really difficult.
derHANS  📅 09.08.2010 00:08:59
Re: salary after graduation vs. pilot
Yes, then it is actually clear to you.

You apply to be a pilot, and if it works then you will probably do it too and you won't even consider whether studying would be better.

If one reads your posts, you have egtl. already decided for the pilot. The real question for you is rather whether and how you can pass the entrance exam at LH or similar?

Or would you also be willing to take out a loan and pay for the training out of pocket in order to fulfill your childhood dream? Probably not, right?
Brunno002  📅 09.08.2010 09:25:21
Re: salary after graduation vs. pilot
Yes, you also learn when you are training to become a pilot. And besides, you can say that you will almost never need the knowledge you have learned in your studies again anyway and because of that ...
Unfortunately, I have completed my studies and I regret it very much!
If you just look at the facts and see how everyday work looks like, then absolutely nothing speaks in favor of studying.
For example, I have a good job but what is nicer to sit in the office every day 10-12 a.m. and get annoyed with my colleagues and then the whole thing for the banal 45,000 € where you have to be happy when you get it! Or to gather new impressions of the world every day, not to see the same thing every day, to live really well from the salary, etc. So the decision is actually quite simple ! And besides, if we're honest, it's the salary that counts at the end of the month anyway, especially if you have family! It's just nice when you bring your 8000 net home every month and you don't have to worry financially anymore!
You can only become unemployed at Lh if you have physical problems but that means that you are on the street but you will be assigned to another job somewhere in the company .. By the way, all pilots insure themselves against this case and then get a decent pension from it no risk once you are there you made it!
Re: salary after graduation vs. pilot
Did I understand that correctly? If you pass the entrance exam, you don't have to pay for the pilot training yourself?

Love from
senco  📅 18.08.2010 11:31:18
Re: salary after graduation vs. pilot
At Lufthansa, the pre-financed, You have to pay back € 60,000 in installments if you get a job. Look here.
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