Wearing saree is Haram in Islam

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I recommend the works of Mona Eltahawy.
There is little difference when a man is merely eyed or addressed strangely, while Muslim women experience more than strange looks or comments.
Deeply defamatory insults churning out, being spat on in the face, physical assaults and death threats right up to their realization. Because Muslim women dare to exercise their rights and dress as they see fit and comfortably.

But maybe these books don't really fit into the picture here, as these attacks are committed by Muslim men on women who allegedly betray their "origin" / "religion" / "tradition" when they exercise their freedom to self-determination. If you dare, that your wardrobe contains a colorful variety.

Even women who simply "read" Muslims because of their southern appearance are not immune from these comments or attacks. When certain groups of men think that they are entitled to all freedoms, but women continue to live in the "constructs of these heads" under the Sharia.

But of course you first have to create a public awareness of how hard the world and the choice of clothes as a man is, before you can devote yourself to trivialities. Who cares about "honor killing" of Muslim women because of "too western" clothing when a man was eyed strangely about trousers somewhere.
When in 2012 two "read Muslim" men murdered 4 women in their families, because they "brought shame to the family" from the men's point of view, simply by choosing "normal" Western clothing, the verdict was valid for many Muslims Men as "purely racist" motivated misjudgment. When in 2008 Ezzedin A., born in Bochum, with Kurdish / Turkish roots, was murdered by her family, solely because of her western "clothing" - the defense of the family wanted to argue for the "culture" and the "religion" of the men to be taken into account and to obtain an acquittal. Even fleeing to a women's shelter did not help her to escape the terror of her father, uncles and brothers because she was not granted the same right to choose freely.
Probably the reason why my condolences are quite limited after reading this post.

With best regards
Samra Khalfaoui

PS. Henryk M. Broder once started a very informative experiment. He walked through a red light district disguised as a woman with full veil and was attacked and hosted by Muslim men (in the red light district) in large numbers.
Nevertheless, I wish a lot of strength for all poor men who have been eyed strangely by an older woman.