Where does the term Shanks Mare come from?

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Canada's name is derived from the laurent word canada from. A term used in the Proto-Lake Iroquois settlement Stadacona was used to Village and its surroundings to describe. Jacques Cartier, the first French in North America and explorer of Canada, took up this term in 1535/36 to name the "new" land and river. Stadacona was near what is today Quebecs.


To this day it is still a matter of dispute who the Lautentic Indians were whom Cartier met. When the first settlers came from France 75 years later, the banks of the St. Lawrence River were deserted.

The laurent language is now extinct. Her closest relatives are the speakers of the Iroquois language family - a League of Nations of six related language families (these are the tribes of the Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga, Onodowohgah and Tuscarora), which are identified by the "Great Law of Peace" were united around 1570.

The one who wrote it Council of the League (consisting of 50 chiefs) was a model for the US system of government. The league disintegrated in 1784 after part of the people became the English and the other part the Iroquois the Americans War of Independence had supported. Even in World War II, the Iroquois saw themselves as a people of their own, which then also declared war on the Third Reich without wanting to cooperate with the USA.

The liberal constitution of the Iroquois also had an impact on the European thinking of the enlightenment Influence (Johann Gottfried Herder, "The great peace woman of the Iroquois") and also with Friedrich Engels she occupies an important position in his writing on the origin of the family.

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